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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 pm - cupidsbow's Fan Works Masterlist
lotrips - dr-space-opera
Last updated: 17 October 2011

Full headers, including disclaimers and warnings, are given on the actual LJ entries; but, in case you haven't heard it before, all of these stories are total fiction. They are transformative works, which means I'm riffing on the ideas/events of others. And some of them contain content suitable only for adults.

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spn - winchester round logo

Title: Cast Down by cupidsbow
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester
Length: 1,000 words
Summary: The corruption of need.

Castiel - Feel Like This

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vidding - festivids projector
This was the final vid I made for Festivids this year, and it was a last minute treat I barely got done in time.

I had around 24 hours from start to finish, and that included getting the source and doing some major editing on the music (which was way too long to work). In the end, I had about 6 hours of actual visual editing time. Given that, I think it turned out pretty well, although I have made a few minor tweaks in the final version.

What really stood out for me when making this video is how few cuts there are in the film itself. Because so much of it is effects work, a lot of the enormous action scenes are all in one "take" due to them being composited together digitally. It made editing a real luxury, because the problem of clips not being long enough just wasn't an issue. In fact, I sped up most of the clips a little and still didn't have to worry about running out of footage. Nice. 

Worthy of Survival, by [personal profile] cupidsbow/cupidsbow
Fandom: Gravity
Characters: Ryan vs space
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Flashes, violence.
Recipient: Bingeling, a treat for Festivids 2014. (Originally posted here).
Artist’s notes: Music: Worthy of Survival by Bear McCreary.

Summary: The forces of attraction between any two objects.


Download from MediaFire: Gravity-cupidsbow.rar (24.7MB, MP4); Gravity-HD-cupidsbow.rar (55.7MB, WMV)
Stream: YouTube

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vidding - festivids reel
I made this as a pinch hit, and enjoyed it very much. Moonrise Kingdom is such a gorgeous, stylised film, and it was interesting to unpick it and look at how it had been put together. Choosing a song from the 60s, when the movie is set, seemed suitably nostalgic. I really love how this vid turned out, for all that it was quite a simple edit.

Hazy Shade of Winter, by [personal profile] cupidsbow/cupidsbow
Fandom: Moonrise Kingdom
Characters:  Suzy/Sam, Captain Duffy
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Flashes, violence, partial nudity, non-graphic animal harm.
Recipient: Laura47, for Festivids 2014. (Originally posted here).
Artist’s notes: Music: Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel.

Summary: Love will find a way.

Download from MediaFire: HazyShade-cupidsbow.rar (46.7MB, MP4); HazyShade-HD-cupidsbow.rar (85.1MB, WMV)
Stream: YouTube

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vidding - festivids winter tree
This vid was my main assignment this year. I had a lot of fun watching the other vids in the request list, notably Why Don't You Play in Hell? I was very tempted to vid that, as it's a surreal, funny, clever movie about poseur film makers and rival gangs. It was really violent, though, and in the end I didn't want to spend hours editing quite so much blood. I was actually matched to Cara Marie on Hard Boiled, which has a great action sequence with new born babies in a hospital, and I was very tempted to vid that!

In the end, 14 Blades was my favourite of the films -- it's just so gorgeous. There are so many great sequences that didn't even make it into the vid -- the main plot line, which I didn't use at all, the many horse chases through the desert, and several other spectacular fights just to name a few. I could make a whole other vid, equally pretty, without re-using a single clip from the vid I actually made. So if you're looking for gorgeous source to vid, I recommend 14 Blades.

As for the vid itself, I like how it turned out, even though it's not the vid I originally envisaged. When I started to edit, I was in the mood for editing action, so that's what I went with instead of a character piece about the A Plot. I can see quite a few flaws with the finished vid (as always, is there ever a perfect vid?), but overall, I like the way the visuals and music work together, especially as there's no lyric to use as a narrative spine.

Title: Duel, by [personal profile] cupidsbow/cupidsbow
Fandom: 14 Blades
Characters: Qinglong and Tuotuo
Rating: M
Warnings: Fast cuts, flashes, violence, non-graphic child harm.
Recipient: Cara Marie, for Festivids 2014. (Originally posted here).
Artist’s notes: Music: Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey.

Summary: Winning is everything.

Download from MediaFire: Duel-cupidsbow.rar (49.6MB MP4); Duel-HD-cupidsbow.rar (79.4MB WMV)
Stream: YouTube

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2nd-Feb-2015 04:49 am - Festivids Recs 2014
vidding - festivids winter tree
You can find this year's Festivids masterlist post: here. The whole thing is worth a look.
I scored two vids this year, and I'm super lucky because they are also my favourite vids this year. :)

Armour of God, “Dance!” (PG-13)

This is such a great vid. Excellent song choice, fantastic use of movement, and funny! Everything I wanted of a Jackie Chan vid. Highly recced.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, “No Problem So Great,” (G)
And this is all about the therapeutic value of a good cup of tea. I love it. The sense of community and women's business at the heart of this show shines through every cup. :) Also highly recced.

Other vids I recommend highly, in alphabetical fandom order:

Antique, “Sugar Shack,” (PG-13)

Fast paced, hilarious, and guaranteed to make you hungry.

The Emperor's New Groove, “Rama Llama Llama,” (PG-13)
And the prize for most delightful crack pairing goes to this vid, and I won't ruin the surprise for you. :)

Festivids, “Silent Fandoms,” (G)
This one is unusual, original, fascinating. Not your standard vid, but a truly unique experiment, offering commentary on vidding and fandom.

Halloween Films, “White Telephone,” (M)
What makes this vid so amazing is the mash up of Jamie Lee Curtis in her original role, and the more recent reprise. As an exploration of trauma and the will to survive it's completely gripping. I really love this one.

Maleficent, “Shake It Off,” (PG-13)
I love this character study of Maleficent. It's gorgeous from start to finish and so cleverly constructed.

Ratatouille, “The Walker,” (G)
What's not to love about the story of a rat who just wants to cook? It's the brilliant song choice and sharp editing that makes this so good.

More recommendations behind the cut.

(Note for those playing the guess-the-vidder game: I may or may not have included vid(s) by me in the following recs. :)

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ETA Wow, I missed a vid. Not sure how that happened, but I managed to not watch it at all, and what a vid it is!

Life of Pi, “All I Want,” (PG-13)

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The exchange season is just about over for another year.

I ended up defaulting on the Teen Wolf fest, which was disappointing given I have an almost finished novella sitting in my WIPs folder. Oh well. I got a great fic as a gift, though. It's a timetravel AU that makes Teen Wolf canon make sense! It's a novella by static_abyss, Set in Stone (warning for canonical character deaths).

For the DeanCas Xmas Exchange, I scored a lovely friendship AU fic by Victumbraticum: Not Reached by the Frost (warning for domestic violence).

My own DeanCas fic is also an AU...

Title: Loophole
Author: [personal profile] cupidsbow
Recipient: huchamabacha
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 3000
Summary: Castiel is a student of humanity. Dean is a hands-on kind of teacher.
Author's Note: For 2014 Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange.

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27th-Oct-2014 03:44 pm - Dear Festividder
vidding - festivids projector
Hello lovely festividder!

I'm a huge fan of all sorts of vids, so please make something that you love first, because I'm sure to like it too.

There are a few things I'm particularly fond of: fast-paced vids, experimental or weird vids, constructed reality or AU vids, and ironic vids. Basically, if you have an off-the-wall idea, I'm the one to vid it for.:)

I have eclectic music tastes -- I like music without lyrics, mash-ups and remixes, all different eras, and fast-paced music.

A pet peeve: I don't like sound-bites over the top of lyrics -- I can't understand either when that's done. But sampling is fine when it's not over lyrics, so if that's your thing, it's fine if there's no clash.

I think that's everything. Thanks again, and I hope you have fun with it.

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7th-Sep-2014 07:33 pm - Teen Wolf Holiday 2014
teen wolf - triskele
Dear TW Holidays writer,

I hope you’re going to have a lot of fun filling one of my requests. That’s really what I want most -- that we both have fun with this exchange.

I have pretty broad tastes in terms of genre (basically anything goes, and I'll like it), but fairly specific tastes in terms of relationships and squicks -- that's mainly what I've outlined below.

If you want more info about what interests me most in Teen Wolf, you can find my meta over on Tumblr: http://cupidsbower.tumblr.com/post/91668098320/meta-index.

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sga - big damn heroes
Mific had just posted a podfic of my SGA story, Thrill Ride. Yay! :)

Thrill Ride (Podfic)
(16 words) by mific
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Additional Tags: First Time, Humor, Podfic, Podfic Length: 30-45 Minutes, Dirty Talk

Rodney wants the full John Sheppard thrill ride.

Story link: Thrill Ride

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