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Cupid's Bow
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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 pm - cupidsbow's Fan Works Masterlist
lotrips - dr-space-opera
Last updated: 17 October 2011

Full headers, including disclaimers and warnings, are given on the actual LJ entries; but, in case you haven't heard it before, all of these stories are total fiction. They are transformative works, which means I'm riffing on the ideas/events of others. And some of them contain content suitable only for adults.

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vidding - vid all the things
This was my main assignment this year, and I really love how it turned out. It's one of my favourite vids out of all those I've made to date.

I hadn't seen this documentary -- which is awesome and I recommend -- but was inspired to watch it when it turned up on CherryIce's wish list, and wow, I was sold. I was sure I was going to vid dinosaurs or space, which were two of the other options on her list, but nope. The aquatic hijinks stole my heart. :)

What struck me most about this series as I watched it, was how much fun the people making it seemed to be having, even as they faced some pretty big challenges to get the footage in the can. They seemed so much a part of the experience of the documentary that I really wanted to capture that, and just how hard and how long they worked to get these amazing images for us to enjoy. So here is it: my celebration of their hard work and goofing around.

The Blue Planet, by cupidsbow

Title: The Blue Planet by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: The Blue Planet
Music: "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys
Rating: G
Warnings: Aquatic hijinks, fast cuts, flashing lights
For: CherryIce, I tried to include all the things you said you love. I hope this is your cup of tea. (Originally posted here)

Summary: My buddies and me are getting real well known.

Download from Mediafire: BluePlanet-cupidsbow.rar (54.08MB, MP4); BluePlanet-cupidsbow-2-lg.rar (83.21MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube
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vidding - festivids projector
Julie Andrews is so awesome. I've wanted to vid this move for a while, not only because of Julie Andrews, but because I love the genderfuckery. I chose this song by Shawna Virago because it really captures so many aspects of gender-queerness, and the way that gender is performance. It made me think a lot about the politics of the film too, and using a trans anthem in a vid about it. Victor/Victoria does carefully stay within the bounds of heternormativity as you'd expect of a Hollywood film, but despite that, it has some quite nuanced moments about queerness and homophobia, and when I re-watched it, I was surprised at how little it had dated in that regard. It still feels fresh and relevant.

Objectified, by cupidsbow

Title: Objectified by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: Victor/Victoria
Music: "Objectified" by Shawna Virago
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied sexual violence, fisticuffs, flashing lights
For: feedingonwind, I had so much fun revisiting this film. I hope you enjoy the vid just as much. (Originally posted here)

Summary: I want to be objectified.

Download from Mediafire: VV-Objectified-cupidsbow.rar (50.82MB, MP4); VV-Objectified-cupidsbow-lg.rar (85.87MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube

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vidding - festivids reel
I  love Bollywood films so much -- they are so colourful and gorgeous. This film is particularly spectacular, although it does have an unexpected dark side to it that surprised me. It's a reincarnation story, and let's just say that things don't end so well the first time around.

This vid isn't about that, though. This vid is a celebration of Shanti at her gorgeous best.

Her Majesty, by cupidsbow

Title: Her Majesty by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: Om Shanti Om
Music: "Her Majesty" by The Beatles
Rating: G
Warnings: None
For: skygiants, Festivids 2016. (Originally posted here)

Summary: Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl.

Download from Mediafire: HerMajesty-cupidsbow-sm.rar (8.26MB, MP4); HerMajesty-cupidsbow-lg.rar (36.28MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube


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5th-Feb-2017 11:58 am - Spring Equinox 2017 - vidding letter
vidding - vid all the things
Hi fellow vidder!

I have to say, I'm super excited about this fest. It feels like such a long time between Festivids, so having a couple of new pitstops during the year is going to be so much fun.

The number one thing that I ask of you for this fest is that you have fun. I really mean that. Use my requests as an excuse to make the wildest, over-the-toppiest id vid of your dreams, and I will love it and you. :)

My favourite types of vids include: action and fast-paced vids, experimental or weird vids, constructed reality or AU vids, and vids that are full of pretty, pretty visuals. Constructed reality seems a particularly good match for this fest, given all the cool real footage NASA has released now, in addition to the usual sources of stuff, like other films the actors have done, fan works, and so on. I also feel like there could stand to be more vids about women, people of colour, and queer people/relationships, so if you want to focus on one or more of those I'd be super happy. That said, with this particular fest's theme, I'd also be pleased with a vid that has no people at all, and just an awful lot of stuff in SPAAAAAAACE. :)

I don't usually suggest music, as I'm happy for you to find the best fit for the vid -- I have pretty broad tastes. I would request that if you sample audio at all, you don't have it over the top of song lyrics, as it'll mean I can't hear either the lyric or the sample.

That's it. Go forth and have fun!

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)  
Tags: James T. Kirk, Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Spock (Star Trek)
Summary: What I would really love is something that merges source from TOS and AOS, but honestly anything that explores these characters or something about the 'verse would be awesome. I'm particularly fascinated by the way in which Kirk=ethos, Bones=pathos, and Spock=logos in the original series, and how that's shifted (to pathos, pathos, pathos) in the AOS. But I'd also love a character study of Sulu or Uhura.

Space Exploration RPF  
Summary: There's so much to choose from here. I'd love something that takes advantage of some of the great footage of the planets, in particular, but the space station or Apollo or Mercury programs would also be wonderful.

Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Tags: Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise Jupiter, Jones & Caine Wise, Jupiter Jones
Summary: I'd love something that explores Jupiter and/or Caine, or their relationship. If there's a particular aspect of this source you'd like to extrapolate from and create a constructed reality, that would be even awesomer. I adore constructed reality, and this text is *begging* for it.

Fifth Element (1997)  
Tags: Leeloo, Korben Dallas, Ruby Rhod
Summary: I love the look of this movie, so a vid which highlights the aesthetic would tick my boxes.

Pigs In Space (Muppets) 
Summary: If you make a Pigs in Space vid, I will adore you forever. It has to be larger than life, and take full advantage of its spoofy nature. :)

Star Trek: Voyager  
Tags: Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay (Star Trek)
Summary: I've said Janeway or Chakotay above, because I would love a kick-ass vid about either of them (or both) in particular, but you could vid pretty much anything from this source and I'd be happy.

Cosmos - Carl Sagan 
Summary: Spaaaaaaace. I love me some nerds loving space, so a vid that glories in that would be fab.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) 
Tags: Rey (Star Wars), Finn (Star Wars), Poe Dameron, Leia Organa 
Summary: I love Star Wars. Anything you do will be okay with me.

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spn - winchester round logo
This year's DeanCas Xmas entry isn't at all what I thought I'd be making when I signed up. But as soon as I saw the prompt for a story from God's perspective, I knew it was the one. :)

I really loved making this. Everything from finding the music to working with so many episodes was a pleasure. While I've made other vids that were more technically demanding, like the race-car AU, this is one of my most ambitious. The sheer number of episodes I was working with made the project a lot of work -- I actually thought I'd need more than I ended up using, and did all the prep work on them, as is so often the case when making vids. I really love the scope of the finished vid, so it was definitely worth it
Laughing With, by cupidsbow

Title: Laughing With... by [personal profile] cupidsbow
Visual Source: Supernatural
Music: “Laughing With” by Regina Spektor
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, fast cuts, flashing lights
Spoilers: Seasons 3 to 11
For: Dogsled, I hope you like this. I’ve jumped off from your prompt of “I would love to see a Destiel fic written from Chuck's perspective,” but for a vid. :)

Summary: God can be so hilarious.

Download from Mediafire: SPN-LaughingWith-cupidsbow.rar (57MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube


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13th-Feb-2016 06:23 pm - Festivids wrap-up
vidding - vid all the things
I made three vids this year for Festivids, my main assignment, a pinch hit, and an extra.

I've updated by rec post to include the names of the vidders. You can find the master list with all reveals here.

So how did I do on my guesses this year? About the same as usual.

The earlier guesses I made were the ones I was most sure of, and I got them mostly right. The later guesses were more speculative and I got them mostly wrong.

I guessed Black Out Days (A Streetcar Named Desire) was by Hollywoodgrrl
  • correct
Galaxyrise might be bironic (I just +1'd on this, as I hadn't been sure enough to make my own guess)
  • wrong, starlady did
I have been wondering who could have made my Persuasion vid, and really don't have a clue. Short list includes SDWolfpup or dkwilliams, who are both great at relationship vids, sabaceanbabe who has a great eye for that telling detail, or one of the new-to-festivids vidders I'm not familiar with
  • correct, it was dkwilliams
kiki_miserychic (the It Follows vid), although I'd noticed she'd commented on the vid, which did make me second-guess myself :)
  • correct
I think SDWolfpup might have made the fabulous Ian McKellan/Patrick Stewart vid. Or else the Planet Earth vid. 
  • wrong - such heights made the Ian McKellan/Patrick Stewart vid, and Little Heaven made the Planet Earth vid
Rhea314 might have made at least two of the Hausu vids
  • wrong, but terajk made two of the Hausu vids, so I was right it was someone with the same style
thingswithwings I think maybe made the Miss Piggy vid, Superstar
  • wrong, Little Heaven did
Sholio might have made the Secret Garden vid
  • wrong, condnsdmlk did; Sholio made the Lethal Weapon vid

And that's a wrap. :)
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vidding - festivids reel
I was sure that someone would spot me as the editor who made this, because I've been requesting the fandom forever. It was such a pleasure to revisit the source to make this vid. I only managed to get hold of the DVD late in the piece, so maybe one day I'll finish that half-made Borgen vid. :)
The most interesting part was actually finding the music, because I wanted something from an Indigenous artist, but which fit the era and tone of the movie. I listened to a lot of stuff, including most of Jimmy Little's earlier work, and I searched high and low for anything by the original Sapphires too. In the end, I thought this was the best fit, but I never did find the music I thought was perfect, you know.
Title:Bury Me Deep in Love, by cupidsbow
Visual source: The Sapphires
Music: Bury Me Deep in Love, Kylie Minogue (feat. Jimmy Little)
Characters: Gail, Julie, Kay, Cynthia, Dave
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Flashes, violence.
Recipient: Sanguinity, for Festivids 2015. (Originally posted here).

Summary: How long this cold dark night is taking.
Bury Me Deep in Love Cover, by cupidsbow

Download from MediaFire: Deep in Love - cupidsbow-sm (52.25MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube

Embedded...Collapse )

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vidding - festivids winter tree
Title: Run, by cupidsbow
Visual source: Legend
Music: Run Boy Run, Woodkid
Characters: Lily, Jack, Darkness
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Flashes, violence.
Recipient: boom-queen, for Festivids 2015. (Originally posted here).

Summary: This world is not made for you.

Download from MediaFire: Run-cupidsbow.rar (59.91MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube
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lotrips - dr-space-opera
I started off making this as a pinch hit for boom-queen, and then couldn't get it to work. I'm not sure why. The concept of using big, sweeping visuals isn't all that hard. Anyway, I abandoned it at the eleventh hour and did the Legend vid instead, and then came back, changed songs, and finished this off in time for it to be a treat. Yay. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, too.

Title:Skyfall, by cupidsbow
Visual source: Jupiter Ascending
Music: Skyfall, Adele
Characters: Jupiter/Caine
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Flashes, violence.
Recipient: boom-queen, for Festivids 2015. (Originally posted here).

Summary: This is the end.

Download from MediaFire: Skyfall-cupidsbow-sm.rar (63.53MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube

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