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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 pm - cupidsbow's Fan Works Masterlist
lotrips - dr-space-opera
Last updated: 17 October 2011

Full headers, including disclaimers and warnings, are given on the actual LJ entries; but, in case you haven't heard it before, all of these stories are total fiction. They are transformative works, which means I'm riffing on the ideas/events of others. And some of them contain content suitable only for adults.

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sga - big damn heroes
Mific had just posted a podfic of my SGA story, Thrill Ride. Yay! :)

Thrill Ride (Podfic)
(16 words) by mific
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Additional Tags: First Time, Humor, Podfic, Podfic Length: 30-45 Minutes, Dirty Talk

Rodney wants the full John Sheppard thrill ride.

Story link: Thrill Ride

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teen wolf - erica apple
Anyone who has been following my Teen Wolf meta knows I've been struggling with Scott's place in the narrative since I first started watching. Well, with 3B I now think I understand where it's going, and I feel really excited about it.

There comes a point where the lack of focus on Scott making difficult choices and then having to face the hard consequences of how they turn out cannot be seen as an accident or bad writing, but rather a deliberate pattern.
For me, the real clincher in this reading came with the revelation of Agent McCall’s secret. I know fandom mostly thinks it was an anti-climax, but I do not. What we saw there was Scott completely misunderstanding the implications of his father’s confession (I’ve posted about this before here).
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1st-Apr-2014 11:34 pm - The Sterek Reunion Scene
teen wolf - lydia i want one
Having spammed you with all the meta I wrote in the lead up to the finale, I now present you with a frivolous wish for season 4. :)

If there is any justice in the world, the following scene will happen in Teen Wolf s4...

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1st-Apr-2014 11:29 pm - Teen Wolf and the Hero's Journey
teen wolf - stiles detective

Remember this trailer way back before 3a?

I thought it was interesting to revisit it in light of what we've seen so far, especially in comparison to the speculation that followed in the wake of this trailer's release.

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1st-Apr-2014 11:17 pm - Asexuality and Derek Hale
teen wolf - derek in ash
Over on Tumblr, I was asked to explain why I think one reading of Derek is that he's asexual. This was my response.

Let me start with a bit of context. While I often do read Derek as on the asexuality spectrum, I don’t think it’s that black and white. There are several other equally valid ways to interpret canon, and I can see those readings too.

That said, why do I think Derek being on the asexuality spectrum is a reasonable reading?

Oh, let me count the ways.

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1st-Apr-2014 11:10 pm - Arcs paying off in 3b
teen wolf - triskele
One episode from the end of 3b, and there are a few of the show's character arcs and themes which are actually paying off.

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teen wolf - derek in ash
I've seen quite a few posts on my Tumblr dash talking about the scene at the end of The Divine Move, the finale for season 3b of Teen Wolf. Nearly all of them have been positive about the implications for Sterek, and even those which have not been positive have been focused on the lack of "real" Sterek and how that's queer-baiting. Only one has been focused on what this sequence means for Derek, and although that post understood how sad it was, it didn't explain why.

So let me explain why the finale's dream sequence is not romantic, and it's not queer-baiting either.

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teen wolf - erica apple
A Unified Theory of Teen Wolf: Davis, Racism and the Use of Theme

In this essay, I’m going to talk about the theme of racism in Teen Wolf and why it continues to interest me. I’m going to discuss some of the elements of this theme that I think Davis has done well, and some that he has done poorly.

Something I’ve noticed in meta throughout season 3 of Teen Wolf is a refrain of criticism directed at Davis, which blames him for all the things people don’t like about the text, and credits him with none of the things they do. I don’t actually have a problem with this. Mostly, the criticisms are directed at the text and at Davis as the text’s creator, not Davis as a person. It doesn’t seem to have any homophobic elements. Even the Tumblr tag, “Jeff Davis is not a gift” is a commentary on the fan refrain of “Jeff Davis is a gift” that was used in seasons 1 and 2, rather than a personal attack on Davis.

I point this out not as a social justice issue, but rather to frame the conversation I want to have about one of the things I find compelling about Teen Wolf. I think as a creator Davis has several weaknesses, and he hasn’t always been good at getting help in order to strengthen those areas. I’ve actively disliked quite a few things about Teen Wolf over the seasons, especially the proportion of women and characters of colour who have died. However, I’m still watching because there are some things I am engaged by, even if I dislike other aspects. And yes, some of my favourite elements are clearly the contributions of the actors, but not everything. Some of it is clearly Davis’ work, and the biggest aspect that interests me -- the show’s commentary on race -- is something which has to be Davis’ work, because it’s so consistent across all the seasons.

To preface, I've written a lot of meta (here’s my Dreamwidth meta tag) trying to understand the themes I was seeing play out in Teen Wolf, but never felt I got it quite right. The meta I wrote on Derek as anti-hero (Teen Wolf meta - Why is Derek an anti-hero?, also posted on AO3), for instance, was predicated on a fundamental misunderstanding. I thought Derek was a victim so often because of his role as anti-hero, but in fact, he was the anti-hero because his main role was as a victim. Realising that was a big part of the “a-ha!” moment. This essay would not exist without those previous essays, nor without the discussions within fandom. I’ll link to my earlier meta where relevant, just to give a sense of how my thinking has changed over time. I can’t link to most of the meta by other people which has influenced me, because Tumblr is a terrible platform for keeping track of things, and I stupidly didn’t bookmark it on Diigo. I would still like to acknowledge that I am indebted to many clever people for reaching the conclusions I have in this essay -- thank you for your inspiring discussions. One of the more influential pieces, was this meta: An Arc in Shadow: Derek Hale and Assault by magess, which helped flip my thinking about what was cause and what was effect.

I first became aware of the theme of race very early in my watching of Teen Wolf. I actually started watching with season 2, but to draw a more chronological analysis, the discussion below will begin with season 1.

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vidding - festivids reel
This was my actual assignment, and I think it's the best of the festivids I made this year.

I had a hell of a time with the source, which I suspect was converted from film to NTSC to PAL. It was so ugly -- dull and muddy and even after I did all the cleaning and fixing I could on it, the framerate still looked kind of off. Hopefully it's not really noticeable in the vid.

I also nearly ended up defaulting because there was a massive heat wave on the day before the deadline, and all the power went out for hours, and when it finally came back I found I'd lost some of my (incredibly slowly) rendered cleaned up source. Ugh. I may have shed a single crystalline tear over it, and I was re-editing and rendering right up until the wire.

Anyway, despite all that, I'm really pleased with how this turned out. It's like the vision in my head ended up as a vid, with no translation errors along the way.

Title: Bonfire Hearts, by [personal profile] cupidsbow/cupidsbow
Fandom: Asoka
Characters: Asoka/Kaurwaki
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Fast cuts, flashes, violence.
Recipient: [personal profile] condnsdmlk, for Festivids 2013. (Originally posted here).
Artist’s notes: Music: Bonfire Heart by James Blunt.

Summary: Your love is like a soldier, loyal 'til you die.

Festivids: Bonfire Hearts, by cupidsbow

Download from MediaFire: MP4 (rar 21.3MB); WMV (rar 50MB)
Stream: YouTube

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