cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Friends and Recs

Found some interesting discussion on the whole LiveJournal 'friend' thing. I've been wondering about the netiquette of it since I got my code and went live. I use the 'friend' list as a reading list, rather than as a list of people I think of as RL friends. And this seems to be a common view. See: here_luck, melymbrosia, and therealjae.

So, what other opinions are there? Inquiring minds want to know!

On a completely different subject, I found a Due South story by cesperanza, Believe You Me, with the most fabulous use of sarcasm! Cesperanza also has a fabo rant about rps, in which she says, "what I'm arguing here is that RPS isn't one millionth as exploitative as reality, and if these people can handle--or even seek--this kind of attention by MTV, then dude, they are the fairest of fair game!"

Here, here (says Cathy, still wondering how *she'd* feel if she found herself slashed. Hopefully complimented :).
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