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Rec the Reccers

I'm always on the lookout for rec communities which match my particular tastes. Because I read in so many fandoms, no one reccer fills my needs. Instead, there are many rec sites and journals I browse from time to time, depending on my mood.

To keep track of it all, I've decided to create a post of all the rec sites I look at. I have so many links it's going to take a while to get it all listed, so this page should be considered a work in progress.


  • rec_room: my multi-fandom rec comm. Main fandoms are SGA, BSG, Smallville, Afflection. It's most up to date on, and I've networked a whole heap of other reccers.

  • 37flavors: Multi-fandom, including Bandfic, SPN, SGA; recs songvids.
  • Amalthia on IJ (previously amothea): Multi-fandom, but mainly SPN, SGA, Vorkosigan, Sarah Connor Chronicles, with good a good hit rate for me.
  • a_novel_idear: new to me, mostly Lotrips and HP according to the user info.
  • anassa's recs: Multi-fandom, lots of SGA, good hit-rate.
  • anti_recs: multi-fandom, including Smallville recs, plus recs are now archived on a website, the antimodel's fic recs.
  • aspacer's list of SGA reccers: very thorough rundown of McKay/Sheppard rec sites. Plus, the McShep Library, which is an archive of all the John/Rodney fics aspacer has found to date.
  • biblioficrecs: Pretty much dedicated to SGA, as far as I can tell. It's the syndicated feed from bibliotech's recs
  • bluethesky: lots of SGA recs.
  • cathexys's sga recs (follow the links at the bottom to her themed rec pages). I didn't link this earlier because it was such a brief list of recs, but it's become a really good resource when looking for stories on a theme.
  • ceanshinythings: mainly fandoms I don't read much, but with some interesting rare fandoms.
  • crack_van: highly variable quality, but quantity that's hard to beat.
  • derivational: multi-fandom, gen, slash, het.
  • diane_mckay: lots of SGA recs.
  • dodificus: a rec a day, multi-fandom. I recognise a lot of good authors listed here.
  • Eliade's Memories: SGA stories and other people's recs.
    elysia_starlit (Elysia's Fanfic Recs): multi-fandom, mainly HP and SGA, with recs of work by a lot of popular authors and some rarer ones.
  • femficrecs: multi-fandom femmeslash recs!
  • helsreviews: Smallville and SGA recs.
  • imho_recs: ecclectic but occasionally wonderful rec sets.
  • greygoblin: multi-fandom. The layout is a bit hard to read, and I haven't tried the recs yet.
  • house_recs: as the name says.
  • lotr_fic_recs: a community that recs by theme; both rps and fps.
  • lotr_squee: my LOTR rec community, with both fps and rps. Mainly Orlando/Elijah and Legolas/Gimli.
  • luthienrecs: multi-fandom, good SGA and HP.
  • norah: MMWD reads in several fandoms I don't, but her sets are so good she seduced me into SGA fandom when I'd seen no canon, curse her! :) She has excellent rec sets in many fandoms, including some interesting small fandoms. MMWD also has her own list of reccers she recs.
  • mog_reads: Well-organised multi-fandom recs, with some excellent picks.
  • msil_fanfic_rec: Primarily Lotrips, and a good cross section of pairings. This is a feed from her recs.
  • oceanas_recs: multi-fandom, NCIS and Stargate recs are especially good.
  • Oulangi's HP Recs Tag: Reviews of stories posted in the SSHP Prophet, by oulangi. Snarry is the focus, but I haven't tried any stories out yet, so I don't know the hit rate.
  • ooopretty: multi-fandom, and such a bizarre cross-section of fic. I really like the unexpectedness of the recs here.
  • orecs: a combined feed of many rec sites. I've only just discovered this, so I can't speak as to quality, but it does seem to cover many fandoms.
  • oxoniensis_recs: multi-fandom, moving away from SGA and into SPN.
  • panegyrium: elynross's recs, mostly in fandoms I don't read in much, but stories I recognise in the fandoms I do. The userinfo also has links to many, many rec sites in a variety of fandoms.
  • polyfandomrecs: multi-fandom, including Smallville, Supernatural and SGA, with a good hit rate. Also archived at Steph's Quality Used Fics and Recs.
  • rachael_recs: Rachel Sabotini's rec LJ, with a good cross-section of stuff, including lesser known stories in her main fandoms/pairings.
  • rec50: a challenge community, in which people attempt to rec 50 stories in one fandom and pairing.
  • recs: I like this one for the occasional very, very rare fandom recs, which tend to be incredibly good. They also have the whole lot recced on an easy to use wesite: Recs.
  • recsrainbow: the community that lists rec communities!
  • roam_inn: by burntsm0re, multi-fandom including SGA, seems like a good hit-rate; bagfulloftricks: multi-fandom PWP recs by the same reccer.
  • rpf_manifesto and rpf_shipping: I've put these two together because they've both tried to offer a RPF home for ship manifestos (as ship_manifesto doesn't fill that need). Neither have really taken off, but there are some interesting essays there.
  • rsm_slash_links: the LJ of suzecarol's wonderful Essential Links for Slash Readers.
  • scribewraithrec: new to me, multi-fandom.
  • ship_manifesto: offers an excellent introduction to pairings you haven't tried before.
    ship_recs: focuses on specific pairings in the handful of fandoms recced (including both Stargates and House), and the hit rate for me is about 50%.
  • shusu, especially her rec tag (her wonderful databurst tag has been discontinued for now): Lots of SGA recs, mostly McKay/Sheppard.
  • sg_recs: I don't have a good hit rate on this comm, but it has such an amazing cross-section of stuff recced within Stargate fandom.
  • snarry_recs: As the name says; I have no idea about quality as I haven't tried any of the stories yet.
  • stargateficrec: recs for both SGA and SG1, and in all flavours of het, gen and slash.
  • stargategenrec: as the name says, gen SGA recs.
  • talkoncorners: multi-fandom plus songvid recs by svmadelyn. Also archived on her website.
  • talkoncorners2: same reccer, but this time for Stargate: Atlantis, and there's a resource page as well.
  • terries_recs: multi-fandom and ecclectic.
  • thefourthvine: the Queen of the multi-fandom themed rec set.
  • threnodyjones: Regular SGA recs.
  • trcunning: Collection of personal favourites, but it works as a rec list; multifandom, including SGA, SPN, Die Hard.
  • unfitforsociety: multi-fandom, with X-Men, Smallville, LotR and other smaller fandoms, as well as much Harry Potter.
  • unproductive: the biggest set of BSG03 recs to date.
  • wistfuljane: a collection of easy to follow links to stories and other reccers.

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