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Fanon Tracking Project: The SGA Terminator List

The SGA Terminator List, in chronological order...

ETA: In September 2006, I widened the criteria to SGA stories referencing Arnold as well as his role in The Terminator, as it seemed to be a new variation on the fanon meme.

"Universal Constants" by alyse: Zelenka refers to the movie while bantering with Bates. Zelenka/Bates (NC-17) May 2005
"And I believe Doctor Simpson put her cigarette out in it."

It takes a second to place it but then the smile on his face widens. He's grinning now, a little goofily, but, hell, it's Schwarzenegger and if a love of Arnie movies wasn't a universal constant it damned well should be. And not just because the scientists can geek over the science, and he can eye up the guns.

"Geek and Goon Series" by likethekoschka: Several mentions thoughout the series, comparing a Wraith device to the Terminator, backstory of Rodney building a model in high school, etc. McKay/Sheppard (PG-13) July 2005 - April 2006
With a nod of my head, I turned John and started leading him further down the hallway in the absolute wrong direction. The control room, the jumpers, the gate, the weapons, the fucking Atlantean Marine Corp. all lay behind us. But so did a robot spider than made the Terminator look easy to kill with only a small band of allies buying us an even smaller amount of time. (from "The Geek's Field Guide to Arachnids")

"Fisticuffs" by ficbyzee: Rodney gets into a fight on John's behalf and then compares himself to Arnold and the Terminator. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) August 2005
Rodney gets even redder, if that's even possible, and his mouth does that thing where it pulls itself down and to one side in a really weird grimace. "You just—you just *did!* You're turning me into a pudgy, wannabe Arnold Shwarzenegger! Next thing I know I'll be talking in a horrible Austrian accent and quoting Terminator-"

"Tercets" by Gaia: Reference to a threat as being like a terminator. McKay/Sheppard, Sheppard/Emmagen, McKay/Sheppard/Emmagen (NC-17) August 2005
She doesn't know ... she couldn't possibly comprehend how hard it was for him to leave her in that cave with the fucking terminator while he got back to safety to retrieve Beckett.

"The Eledgias" by Tipper: Zelenka snark. Gen (PG-13) October 2005
Zelenka snorted, "You've seen too many Terminator movies, Major. The androids in the eledgias were not designed to be thrown around or beaten up. They were just machines, as breakable as...any machine."

"Resilience" by tiranog: Rodney compares Ronon to the Terminator. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) November 2005
With the way his day was progressing, Rodney figured there was probably an explanation for that, too. The jealous god that hated him had sent this organic Terminator to eat him. (This from chapter 2.1)

"Thrill Ride" by cupidsbow: Watching the film leads into a seduction. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) December 2005
Rodney had scored a copy of The Terminator, and they were sitting on the sofa in John's quarters, a bowl of popcorn between them, cracking one-liners back and forth in badly-faked accents.

"The Relative Merits of Wanting and Getting" by cupidsbow: John talks about male nudity in The Terminator while calming a freaked-out Rodney. McKay/Sheppard (R) March 2006
"Please," said John. "Everyone watches Terminator for the naked men."

"Distraction" by laceymcbain: John and Rodney make fun of an Arnold film that has a sequel. McKay/Sheppard (R) March 2006
"Want to watch a movie?" John asks, and before long they're settled in Rodney's quarters, a foot apart on the bed, making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The whiskey comes out halfway through the second film, and Rodney knows the hum in John's head is getting worse when he closes his eyes and reaches for the pillow.

"Academic" by miss_porcupine: Gunshots sound like those in the Police Station Assualt scene. Gen (PG-13) March 2006
It sounded like the audio track of Terminator, the part with the siege of the police station, complete with explosions and screams and the rat-tat-tat of old school pistols (because that's what the Genii had) up against far superior weaponry.

"Revelation (Ch 10): Leadership" by melyanna: Reference to The Terminator being shown on movie night. Gen (G) March 2006
It was weekly movie night, but with everything that had happened in the last several hours, it was understandable that few people actually stuck through all of the first Terminator movie. Shortly after the credits began rolling, John was left alone in the lounge, staring at nothing. By the time the sophisticated Ancient system, which had been hotwired to play their Earth media a long time ago, had shut itself down, he heard footsteps coming by the room. Then they stopped, and Elizabeth Weir walked in. (Whole story can be found here.)

"Second Skin" by toft_froggy: Rodney compares John to Arnold. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) May 2006
"It's all you, John. You think it isn't, you think you can't be Schwarzeg- Schwar- Rambo and, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert or whatever at the same time, but you can, you're so smart, I know you, and you're brave and strong, you can be anything you want."

"Eurydice Turns Left, part 2" by vee_fic: Ronon compared to the Terminator. No Pairing (PG-13) May 2006
Teyla had a gift for silence, and Ronon was some kind of Terminator freak, and Sheppard -- maybe Sheppard had been that gunfire.

"Goodnight, Chesty, Wherever You Are" by gaianarchy: Rodney compares Sumner to the T1000. Various Pairings Implied (PG-13) June 2006
Thinking about it, Sumner was practically a robot (no wonder he looked so much like the T1000), but at least he respected the scientists.

"Behind Bars 1" by mackeygenius: Rodney compares John to Arnold. No Pairing this chapter (PG-13) June 2006
"Really?" asked Rodney, observing the other man out of the corner of his eyes. Honestly the man didn't seem very dangerous, sure he was muscular but he wasn't Schwarzenegger either.

"Drabble 4" by thepouncer: Crossover with The Terminator. No Pairing (PG-13) June 2006
"You don't have to do this, Ms. Connor," [John] tried again, and gasped when fingernails found his jugular.

"Personal Hero" by mrshamill: John's beserker fit is compared to the Terminator by Rodney. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) June 2006
"He was moving, but it wasn't deliberate movement. He was like the Terminator, nothing stopped him. His arms and legs were jerking, flailing, like... like... I don't know. Did I say he was screaming? He was."

"Concealment" by ismenetruth: John and Rodney are watching Terminator. McKay/Sheppard (PG-13) June 2006
John was stretched out casually on Rodney's bed watching Terminator.

"That Which Is Always Present, part 2" by miss_porcupine: Quantum mirror story, in which the alternate Sumner is compared to the T1000 by John. No Pairing (M) August 2006
What if this Sumner was like the evil Terminator in T2, able to take on the appearance of whatever it wanted? (Chapter 2)

"Suddenly, Brilliantly, and All at One Time" by gaiaanarchy: Rodney has Ancient handcuffs that feel like a T100. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) July 2006
But, even as one hand was braced against John's chest, swirling around a sensitive nipple, the other was reaching beneath the low bedframe to grab the handcuffs. Rodney thought he was going to tumble out of bed for one precarious moment when he overbalanced, but he ended up with the strange metal conveniently welded to his palms, silky and smooth like he imagined the T-1000 would've felt like in Terminator.

The meme goes canon, as pointed out by crownglass39, in this post with pictorial evidence (episode, McKay and Mrs Miller). September 2006

"A Change of Seasons" by cupidsbow: A character is compared to Schwarzenegger. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) September 2006
As though in answer, mirror-John turns away from the gate, strides over to one of the scientists--Metzinger, a huge, Schwarzenegger-type, who Rodney loves to ridicule for having more brawn than brains--and lays one on him.

"Voices Drowned in Tears" by cinaed: Rodney is cranky, even in a High School AU. McKay/Sheppard (R) September 2006
"Ugh, not another marathon of something terrible like The Terminator," Rodney groans. "Please, at least watch something mildly interesting, like--"

"Five things John is afraid of" by icarusancalion: Rodney offers to build John a robot body. McKay/Sheppard (PG-13) September 2006
John thought about that a moment, frowning. A funny look crossed his face as he turned to Rodney. "Like the terminator?" (in #2)

"Fortification and Siege Warfare, part 2" by z_rayne: A team movie-night discussion of Arnold in Total Recall. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) October 2006
Taking a deep breath, [Rodney] whispered back, "I could've gone my entire life without seeing that much of Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"Absentee" by tassosss: The Americans in Atlantis send off their absentee votes. No Pairing (PG) November 2006
[Rodney] almost walked out again when he saw what they were watching, but Sheppard didn't let him. "Come on, McKay, what better way to celebrate sending off the ballots?"

"By watching the Governator shoot people in an attempt to rid the Earth of human kind?"

"non sequitur" by vegetariansushi: John wants to torture Rodney with bad science fiction. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) December 2006
John can't say that he's not a little disappointed at this turn of events: the rule is that whomever had the better plan gets to pick the movie, and he'd just got a copy of The Terminator ("Oh, of course you'd like that! Rod said that was one of his favourite movies and really, it's embarrassing to think that I like that blight of a film in any dimension,") and making Rodney sit through it had sounded like good times. Still, if Rodney's not going to be needled into righteous indignation, it doesn't seem worth it.

"The Devil Went Down To Pegasus" by pixie_on_acid: John and Rodney face a Wraith. No Pairing (PG) January 2007
[Rodney:] "I rarely snivel. And I think we can admit that if I'm not the Rambo-Terminator-Captain America that you are, then those personality traits have still served us well in keeping us alive in numerous situations where we might have otherwise perished."

"Give, for wild confusion, peace" by cobweb_diamond: Arnold is mentioned as part of John's backstory, and how he was picked for Atlantis. McKay/Sheppard (PG-13) January 2007
Contrary to Rodney's belief, the space marines weren't a bunch of Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alikes in search of glory, riches and some hot alien ass.

"Major Redesign, part 1" by shusu: Sheppard compares Russian attack planes to Terminators. McKay/Carter, McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) January 2007
[Sheppard:] "Carter, I've got a goddamn cargo helicopter with thirty-knot gusts and oh yeah!" The helicopter banked left, hard, and Rodney tried not to throw up. "If your little toy toaster is right, two more Russian Terminators headed straight for us!"

"The Unkindest Cut, part 2" by Everybetty and kristen999: John spars with a huge Marine. No Pairing (PG) February 2007
His much bigger, heavier, and he guessed meaner sparring partner at the moment was Arnold Jr. The blond, buzzed-cut Marine with a lantern jaw and massive tree trunk for a body introduced himself as something else but it didn't matter because all John imagined hearing was a thick Austrian accent introducing himself as Ahnuld. The giant's job was to try to squash him like a bug- and John's simple task was to avoid such a pummeling and strike around the pelvic area.

"The Lazarus Curse, part IIb" by gaiaanarchy: Rodney compares Remus Lupin to the Terminator; x-over with Harry Potter. McKay/Sheppard (R) March 2007
Rodney glared. "He signed up for fieldwork in another galaxy, Sheppard, and he's like Terminator with the terrified paper target. He'll be fine."

"Pegasus English (The James Bond Remix)" by randomeliza: The governator mentioned in a casual reference to Earth politics. No Pairing (PG) April 2007
"What's a credit rating?" Ronon says around a mouthful of popcorn, figuring that nobody was really paying attention to the metal man protecting the small boy on the television, even if he was a governator.

"Golden Gate Strait (The Suspension, Truss Arch, and Structural Engineering Remix)" by thepouncer: Passing reference to the arrival of mirror-verse Rod. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) April 2007
John's memories of fleeing an Ancient weapon run amuck were dire enough that he wasn't really surprised to be informed that an alternate version of McKay had appeared from nowhere, curled up like Arnie in The Terminator.

"Curiouser and Curiouser" by gaiaanarchy: John describes the Priors chasing him as terminators. No Pairing (PG-13) August 2007
[Rodney:] "You know the thing you take the Serum of the Ancestors for? Well, some people in the Milky Way have it naturally. They're both able to operate Ancient ... Ancestor's technology and more likely to Ascend. The Ori hunt them down in order to kill them off."

"Like Terminator," the strange man remarks.

"A Matter of Trust" by erda_3: John commits a crime, and is described as a terminator in the aftermath. McKay/Sheppard (PG-13) October 2007
John no longer had terminator face, in fact he looked extremely freaked out, and after a moment he leaned over and put his head against Rodney’s shoulder.

"The Soul and the Company Store Remix, Part 1" by leahwoof: John is a soldier-robot on the run, pretending to be a sexbot. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) December 2007
That irked Rodney enough that he risked raising his head to glare. "So what? That gives you the right to turn into the Terminator in my living room? And what do you mean, I startled you again?" He narrowed his eyes at the robot, considering. "This is a design flaw, isn't it? PlayFriend is trying to pawn defective goods off on me! That's why I didn't get my original order!"

"Consistently Weird (Roboclaw)" by wax_jism: John becomes a cyborg. McKay/Sheppard (NC-17) January 2008
"Um. Wow," he says when he sees the robot arm. McKay has called up a snazzy rotating 3D projection and he's beaming at Sheppard, he's practically glowing with pride. He loves this thing like only McKay can love a Terminator arm.

"Twilight of the Fifth Sun" by tzzzz: An end of the world AU, which opens with a Terminator reference. McKay/Sheppard (PG) January 2008
That's how this story would start, if it were a Terminator movie. But it's not, and the world doesn't end with the graceful arch of nuclear warheads. There are no machines. There aren't even any aliens - except for Teal'c, but he drinks coca-cola and can recite Star Wars word-for-word, so he doesn't really count.

"Sleeping Bags" by angelwings: Rodney has a nightmare about a Wraith chasing him like a terminator. No Pairing (G) March 2008
The creature pursuing him was like the damn terminator, it just kept coming, never slowing just walking along behind him, an evil glint in its dead eyes. He tripped and fell, cursing, he tried to push him self up, to keep going. He was almost at the balcony and from there who knows, but what he did know was that if he stayed here, sprawled on the floor, gagging and gasping for breath he would soon be just another dried up old husk.

"For Better or For Worse" by crownglass39: A Harlequin AU, in which Rodney's psychotic father attacks like a Terminator. McKay/Sheppard, (NC-17) March 2008
Looking up, John saw Trevor trying to crawl towards him and Rodney. The crazed look on his face and the unstoppable determination in his eye was eerily reminiscent of that movie, The Terminator. If Trevor had been a cyborg hell-bent on killing them all, which with the way John’s day was shaping up, wouldn’t have been all that surprising.

"The Difference Engine 2: Mercury" by copperbadge: John is a robot. McKay/Sheppard, (R) May 2008
"So am I hooked into Skynet or anything?" [John] asked, and McKay froze with his coffee to his lips. There was a tense moment, even he could tell how tense (with his big metal brain), and then McKay wheeled on him, slamming the coffee down.

"Waiting For My Real Life To Begin, part 1" by toomuchplor: John and Rodney discuss the relative merits of T1 and T2. McKay/Sheppard, (NC-17) March 2009
Then it was Sheppard, this time with a power bar and a bottle of water, and the two of them shot the shit for a while about the relative awesomeness of the first two Terminator movies (the third didn’t merit discussion).

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