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Haiku Prompts

I've had a very unsettled schedule lately, due to roster changes at work and house-sitting and so forth. I dislike it, because the minute my schedule goes out the window, I can't concentrate properly on writing.

Just to get back in the swing of it, I thought I'd have a go at some haiku today. I'm terrible at regular drabbles (they always end up over 1,000 words long), but I can do haiku.

So, hey, prompt me. I'm feeling particularly SGA, but I'll also try BSG, Afflection, Orlijah, Superman, or, um, maybe anthropomorfic. Or Spuffy, or Trip/T'Pol.

*waits for startling prompts*

SGA: McKay/Zelenka for vegetariansushi

they square off: white/black
less strategy than foreplay;
Rodney wanting Czech

SGA: Teyla/Elizabeth for amatia

closer ties reveals all of
Teyla's sticking points

Dr Who: Doctor/Master for angriest

hatred is never
mastered; it's weedlike, always

HP/XMen: Snape/Cyclops for shrydar

one eye to the main
chance; mixing mutant/magic:
alchemical fire

BSG: Tyrol/Sharon for cricketk

engineered, he thinks,
and she's the first machine he's
wanted to unfix

SG-1: Jack/Daniel for maharetr

uncovering Jack's depths proves
harder than any
archeological dig

between the covers
Danny is a library
of many passions

SGA: Ronon for isiscolo

late at night, sleepless,
he runs, learning the city
--one step at a time--

masterless, homeless
sword always unsheathed, he seeks
Ancient enemies

SGA: Atlantis secession for mardahin

Elizabeth thinks
it's strange, that their brave new world
could be so Ancient

SGA: John/the City for archerlass

electric mind games press his
buttons, turn him on;
make him hard where people can't

Lotrips: Orlando/Elijah for talesinbloom

beggared for love, broken with
want, his body bows
beneath Lijah's knowing tongue

Original: 'the reluctant assassin' for shrydar

with each deadline met,
the reluctant assassin
dies a little death

Original: 'shimmy' for phoenikoi

shimmy, shimmer, s l o w
she grinds onto his lap, while
glancing at her watch

SGA: Zelenka/tea for maribou413

reading the dregs is
habit; but Atlantis tea
leaves only shadows

Lotrips: Orlando/Elijah for montmorency

music drowns out the
rushing silence, where Orli’s
laughter used to ring

And to finish things off, I wrote a haiku story:

Title: primary
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG-13
For: archerlass, in response to the secret superpower challenge on sga_flashfic.

There are more haiku in the comments, contributed by several of my talented friends (you rock!).
Tags: bsg, haiku, lotrips, sga
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