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What Real Person Fiction can be...

Today at lunch black_samvara and I were discussing the ethical implications of RPF (and fanfiction in general). We touched on when it's okay (if ever) to write about "real" people; when it crosses the line of taste/legality/morality; whether the RPF characters are actually "real" people at all (I said "no", she said "yes"); and how being a reader/writer, as opposed to a reader, may affect the interpretation of character and characterisation. It's hard to discuss these issues, though, without a shared experience of RPF, so here are a handful of stories and songvids that I think do interesting things. Some of them are my own experiments, most of them are by others.

This is by no means a definitive list. It's just a starting point. I've kept my notes deliberately brief, as I don't want to influence the experience of these texts too much with my own interpretations.


Deconstructing Legolas (PG) by Lemur. Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom.
Role and personality construction.

Voodoo (M) by special_trille. Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom.
This is crack, but it makes a point about the fannish relationship with celebrity avatars.

Elijah's Collection: Gaydar, Lines, Play 1 and Play 2 (PG-13, R, NC-17) by cupidsbow. Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom.
A look at how actors construct themselves and their roles. This is one of the earliest fanfics I wrote, and that shows in places, but the central conceit is still solid.

Dreams of a Distant Sun (NC-17) by cupidsbow. AU. Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom.
The relationship of memory to personality.

Hindsight (R) by cupidsbow. Elijah Wood/Dom Monaghan.
How fame, and the lack of it, affects people.

Various Fandoms

Not Solidarity (NC-17) by Faithtastic. Popslash: Kylie/Madonna, Britney/Madonna.
Interesting look at how celebrities can also be fans.

Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died (R) by Samantha Henderson. Historical: No Pairing.
Where is the boundary line of taste when telling stories about historical figures?

Truth (G) by infloresence. Historical: Elizabeth I/Queen Mary.
Is it reasonable to inscribe these kinds of historical spaces with a sexual narrative?

Near Death Experience (PG-13) by twoskeletons. Afflection: No Pairing.
Even celebrities can be taken in by the tabloids.

Reality, and The Moonlighting Principle (PG-13) by hobviously. BSG: Katee Sackhoff/Jamie Bamber.
Meta-meta-fiction, if you can believe that. Read and boggle.

Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting (PG-13) by jennyo. BSG/SGA/SG1/Afflection: No Pairing.
This plays with a whole heap of things in a really clever way, and expects you to know not only about the canon of the shows, but the common gossip about the actors on set. I especially like the way the women are constructed here.

That Inevitable Awkward Question (PG-13) by laceymcbain. SGA: Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett.
A look at the absence of glass between audience and actors (btw, this is an interesting essay about slash which mentions Jenkins' famous Kirk/Spock definition of slash as "taking the glass away" and I think it's relevant to what we were discussing).


Cartoon Heroes [scroll down] (PG-13) by mamoru22. SG-1/SGA: No Pairing.
Behind-the-scenes look at actors vs roles.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (M) by Todd Haynes. No Pairing.
The biography of Karen Carpenter acted with barbie dolls. The low budget origins of this short movie are clear, the picture quality is blurry, but still, this is an extraordinary and genuinely moving piece of work. I can see why both Mattel and the Carpenter estate worked so hard to get it banned, but I think this is amazing grass-roots art.


Stuck in the Moment (R) by Jay Tryfanstone. Duncan/Methos.
The interesting meta-text I told you about, in which the "Author" is a character. Is that real person fiction?

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