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Interesting Things

Okay, so I'm still trying to catch up with all the amazing comments on my last post. Wow. See, this is why I need broadband! At home!

Anyway, I've found some neat stuff and wanted to share.

First up is a really great poll on slash-writing stereotypes by skuf: Slash writers demographics.
The first part of the poll asks for our impressions of who writes slash, and the second part asks for the poll-taker's demographics. Compare the two and the results so far are fascinating. Most of my part-one guesses were actually very close to the part-two results, although I thought fewer people identified as not-straight within fandom (I thought around 50%, but it's running closer to just 35% saying they are "strictly het". Whoa!). Overall, the guess polls and the demographics poll reflect each other pretty closely, so we seem to have a good feel for our fellow fans. Well, that's assuming all the usual caveats on such a poll, of course. I wonder how much being an LJ poll skews the results?

Then paceus has written a fantastic essay on Writing Sex: Conjunctions.
This is a detailed look at how a handful of writers use "and" (and other conjunctions) in sex scenes. The conclusions are interesting for a number of reasons, but because I'm a self-involved writer, it was most interesting to me because it highlighted certain stylistic choices I've made as a writer. I've been struggling for a while now to make my writing less formal, without losing the "semi-colon and modifier" style that I've worked so hard to create. I love that style, and it's very deliberately chosen; my thesis supervisor and I had long discussions about it (is it just me, or is it hilarious that I have long conversations about semi-colon usage? ;). The other authors paceus considers are Resonant, Shalott, Speranza, and 30toseoul. Interestingly, the conjuction styles used by Resonant, Shalott and Speranza are similar, while 30toseoul and I--the newbies on the block--are different. The sample is too small to be able to make any generalisations about a trend there, but it is suggestive.

Also, I really want to discuss a couple of stories, but the not-writing thing that has plagued me the last month has made that very difficult. In particular, I want to discuss "Coming Home" by Xanthe and "Take Clothes Off as Directed" by Helenish because I seem to have read those two stories differently to everyone else on the planet. Are there any good topic threads about them out there?

What other interesting stuff is out there? Drop me links, okay.
Tags: fandom, links, writing
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