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Desert Island Fanfics and Songvids

It's been a weird day today... full-on one minute, dead quiet the next.

Anyway, as usual lately I've felt devoid of anything interesting to say, and then I started to think about what my desert island fanfics might be: my ultimate list of re-reading favourites. Now, obviously, this list changes all the time as I find new favourites, and as new fandoms capture my interest.

But right at this moment, this is what I'd take with me...

For the purposes of this exercise, I've limited myself to ten stories and 2 songvids, because otherwise I'd keep listing... well half of the stuff on rec_room. :)

In no particular order, my story choices today are:

  • The Killing Frost by sholio. Stargate: Atlantis: No Pairing (M)

    This is such an enjoyable, long, plotty action/adventure romp, with added friendship. It's very easy to re-read.

  • Sleep While I Drive, by seperis. Smallville: Clark/Lex (NC-17).

    A long, dreamy coming-of-age friendship fic, which I must have read a dozen times.

  • Melding and The Viper Kiss by Karo. Battlestar Galactica '78: Starbuck/Apollo (NC-17).

    This is a long, enjoyable melodrama, and it hits my friendship kink really hard.

  • Promise and Not Yet by Ruby. Smallville: Clark/Lex (PG and NC-17)

    Another friendship fic, as well as some geniunely SFnal plot. I do have some quibbles with the way "Not Yet" ends, but the rest of the story is one of my favourite comfort fics.

  • No Refunds or Exchanges, by astolat. Stargate: Atlantis AU: McKay/Sheppard (NC-17).

    Hahahaha! Classic take on the convenient marraige. It still cracks me up.

  • A Logical Proposal by ShouldKnowBetter. Star Trek: Enterprise: Trip/T'Pol (R)

    Especially the chapter "The Rainbow's Foot" which is another all-time favourite comfort fic.

  • Wildy Dangerous Ways by cesperanza. dueSouth: Fraser/Kowalski (NC-17)

    Hard-edged and beautifully written. This story makes me want to write.

  • The Return by Ellis Ward. The Professionals: Bodie/Doyle (R).

    This one's pretty much in here for nostalgia value. It's old-style slash, but still an enjoyable read.

  • Le Dormeur du Val, by Pun. Smallville: Clark/Lex (NC-17).

    One of my favourite future-fics, in which Clark isn't coping with being Superman.

  • Retrograde Series by ltlj Stargate: Atlantis/SG1 AU: No Pairing (PG-13); later chapters McKay/Sheppard/Emmagan (R).

    Long, plotty adventure with a take on the characters that always leaves me wanting more.


  • Absolutely Cuckoo, by zoetrope. Stargate: Atlantis Songvid: McKay/Sheppard (PG).

    My all time favourite songvid to date.

  • the boy was a puppet by fabella (wistful_fever). Harry Potter: No pairing (PG-13).

    Another re-watching favourite, beautifully put together and always geniunely evocative.

Which stories would you take? And don't forget the useful links! *puppydog eyes*
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