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Haiku-a-thon 2: defter, shorter, and definitely cut!

It hasn't been quite a year since my last haiku-a-thon, but it's close enough. I'm in the mood, people!

Here's how it works: you give me a prompt, and I attempt to write a haiku in response. See how easy it is?

This year, I've decided your prompt must include either a cliche or a specific word. Just to challenge me, you understand. :)

The prompt can also include, if you wish, a fandom, pairing, etc, but obviously I'll fiddle with those aspects if I'm unfamiliar with the canon. You're pretty safe with: SGA, SG1, Farscape (not the telemovies), Shakespeare's plays, Superman and PotC; I'll also take a stab at most of the fandoms I've recced on rec_room. Original or non-fandom specific prompts are also fine.

*waits for prompts*

Original: No Pairing, "willow," for algernon_mouse:

Oh, she says, heartwood
laid open, confidence felled
by his ill-will: Oh.

SG1: Cameron/Daniel, "chocolate," for thady:

Daniel melts beneath
his tongue, a stolen sweetness
cut with bitterness

BSG: No Pairing, "Starbuck," for purrdence:

bucking the system
isn't a hobby, it's an

BSG: No Pairing, "Helo," for fluffylilbunny:

orbiting Charon
in ellipsis between now's
fight and older ghosts

PotC: Jack/Will, "dusk," for strifechaos:

caught up in dream's dusk
(decade's night, day's break) Jack's love
still won't give his heart

SGA: John/Rodney, "Ocean," for lark_ascending:

Rodney's salty skin
makes John's body thirst: ocean-
deep, unquenchable

SGA: John/Rodney, "Aliens make them do it," for morebliss:

tentacles, pollen
fertility rites, gun point...
just as well it's love

SGA: John/Rodney, "moonbeams and starlight," for tipsywitch:

John's touch in starlight
makes Rodney want to give him

SGA: Lorne/Ronon, "misunderstanding," for ana_grrl:

Ronon's cultural
misunderstanding leads to
practice with Lorne's "gun"

SGA: Lorne/McKay, "puddle," for ana_grrl:

Lorne doesn't expect
the pang: McKay's clothes puddled
near his empty bed

SGA: Teyla/Kate, "as solid as the ground we stand on," for lilyayl:

"Love's as solid as the ground,"
Teyla says, but Kate
thinks of sea-floating cities

SGA: John/Miko, "spin a yarn," for lilyayl:

"I will tell them," she
promises, carding his hair
long after he's gone

SGA: Cadman/McKay, "quantum mirror," for lilyayl:

shared identity,
upon reflection, isn't
Rodney's worst nightmare

SGA: Rodney/Radek, "amnesia," for lilyayl:

wiped memories don't
explain why Radek smells like
all-nighters and home

PS--Every time I think a fanfiction cliche is based on nothing but kinky wishful thinking, I find something like this: Abnormal sex acts tied to array of sleep disorders. Huh. It explains... so many of the shared sleeping-bag accidents in SGA. ;)

ETA: I didn't realise quite how late it was; keep leaving prompts, and I'll get to them tomorrow. Now I sleep.
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