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Who Lives on Atlantis?

Okay, I've been staring at this one scene in Overheard 4 for days now, and I'm not getting anywhere. I know what the scene has to do, but I need three original characters... or three bit parts from the show (either SGA or SG1).

They need to be:
  • civilians (either scientist or admin)
  • one male
  • two of any gender
  • ATA gene compliant
  • pretty much instantly recognisable, after a one line description (I call this the snark factor :).

At present they are just these vague fuzzy images, and my brain is all snarled up thinking about Unit Guides and timetables and won't make these characters come to life enough for me to write the damn scene.

So, dear flist, tell me: who have you always wanted to see on Atlantis? That eccentric lab-tech you knew in college? The next door neighbour who scares the bejeebers out of you? The shop clerk with 2 PhDs who always puts your cold foods in with the cat chow? Yourself? People from a country (with a surname) which has never been shown?

Gimme a name. Or a job. Or a description. A line or two of dialogue. A snippet of backstory. Whatever you've always wanted to see.

Who the hell actually lives in Atlantis anyway, other than the main cast? Desperate Inquiring minds want to know!
Tags: discussion, help, ideas, overheard, sg1, sga, writing
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