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Moving Words and Pictures Flashfic Challenge

I hereby announce the inaugural multi-fandom Moving Words and Pictures Flashfic Challenge!

Have you ever watched a songvid and loved it so much that you go around for days with a dopey smile on your face, humming the tune under your breath, and generally imagining more episodes to the vid's story?

I have, many a time, and in the wee hours of this morning I woke up with a brainwave about it. There have been several challenges now in which fanart or songvids were made in response to fic. Well, I thought it would be fun to swap it around and have a challenge in which we wrote the fic to go with our favourite songvid!

Originally, I was planning to make this just an SGA challenge, but then I figured, hey, why not throw it open to everyone. All vidders need more love, right?

The only problem with my brilliant plan is that this time of year is so close to the Story Exchange rush, and everyone will be working away on those fics. But that's okay, because this is going to be a flashfic challenge, which means your story doesn't have to be an epic in length; it just has to be written within the next two weeks. Starting from... *looks at watch* now!

How it Will Work

Sign up?

Nope! No need to sign up. Just leave a comment saying which vid you're inspired by, so we don't get too many double-ups. If things fall through and you can't get the story done, there's no harm, no foul.

Once your story is posted, drop a comment here with the URL so I can put it in the masterlist.

Finding a vid
You can seek inspiration from any songvid you love, but please keep these things in mind:

  • Credit the songvid creator in your header, and put a link through to the download page.

  • Do not reveal passwords if the vidder has their site protected! Do not post the songvid to imeem or YouTube without permission. Instead, give a quick run down on how the vidder wants people to access their work.

  • Be polite. My philosophy is that there isn't any need to ask for permission to be inspired by someone else's work, as long as you credit them; but there are different expectations in different parts of fandom. If in doubt, politely contact the vidder and check it's okay. This challenge is meant to be about sharing the joy, not creating pain.

Okay, now that's out of the way here are some resources to get you going:

My recs

rec_room's Memoried Songvids; or the rec_room's Songvid Tag.

Communities and Archives

crack_van's Memoried Songvid Recs
impala_kaz2y5 and the Impala Archive
the_kawoosher and the Kawoosh Archive

List of Vidders
If you are a vidder and you are happy with your vids being used as inspiration for this challenge, just say so in comments and leave a link to your work. I'll create a masterlist here.

Nominated videos

Deadline: Thursday 15 November, 2007. ETA: Extended to Thursday 22 November, in honour of Luminosity's (aka sockkpuppett's) fantastic interview in New York Magazine!

That's it! You're good to go, so go forth and share your fannish joy!

And the Masterlist is now up with the first entry. I'll update it as we go along.
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