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Fun and Games and Recs

Game time!

First person to correctly guess which story I wrote for sga_santa gets another story set in the same 'verse.

Um. It may only be a haiku or something, okay. Because we all know how good I am at writing to prompt. As in, I have files and files of prompt-fics in my WIP folder, all with a couple of paragraphs and some notes, and they will, in all likelihood, never be finished.

There will, however, be some sort of fic-type thing for the first right guesser. Because even I can guarantee a verse or three of haiku! *nods determinedly*

Oh, and if you're looking for sga_santa and yuletide recs, a whole heap are up on rec_room, and even newer ones are on the feed. It's been a mighty season for fic!

ETA: Actually, thinking about it a bit more, I promise a haiku to the first, say, dozen guessers, whether they are right or not. But the first right one will get an extra-special, sooper-dooper fic/haiku thing.
Tags: challenge, fun, sga
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