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In which I echo other voices...

I've been reading all the posts made for "Why I Joined OTW Week", which is happening over on otw_news. This was a mistake on my part, as I find my reasons have already been given.

Before Christmas, I posted about one of my motivations for getting involved (Valuing the Work in Fanwork), and that still stands. I'm not even going to attempt a precis of all the other wonderful reasons that have been posted this week -- there is too much!

If you're interested in the OTW, it's worth reading through all those posts by the other volunteers; I encourage you to wander over to the index page and dip in. The variety of opinions fills me with wonder and happiness: from fanservice to anti-corporate ownership of our own servers, creation of shareware to preservation of fanfiction and history, community-building to education and training, legal assistance to journalistic resources, and on and more... Through it all there's a joy that infuses all the voices, opinions, ideologies, and fandoms. That's the joy I feel in this project as well.

All I really have left to say is me too! All of what they said.

The opportunity to work with so many passionate, hard-working, idealistic fans is a big part of why I'm so damn glad I volunteered. And wow, it's been even more amazing in that regard than I had ever imagined.

If you want to get involved, head on over to otw_news and let them know you're interested. There are calls for volunteers posted there most weeks, and the Community Relations team ( can answer any questions you have.
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