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SweetCharity, oi!

Yesterday the bidding opened for SweetCharity, and I don't know about all of you, but I'm having so much fun. I'm in a bidding war! A very, very low-powered one, thank goodness (and I'm really glad I set my budget before I started making bids, because some of the prices are already waaaaay out of my league).

*tries to hide excitement under laid-back nonchalance*

You've still got plenty of time to take part, as the auction deadline is 26 Jan 08, 11:59PM GMT. The cause is a good one: The Writers Guild Foundation, which helps people affected by the writers' strike.

If you're interested in bidding for a Ho, I can tell you that there are still heaps of talented people with bid prices in the affordable range, which is pretty amazing when you consider that there's already nearly AU$10,000 worth of pledges! Wow. Given the way that total keeps climbing, I've already decided to donate AU$50 if I don't win a Ho. That would actually be kind of awesome -- just imagine that level of fan-powered generosity.

*thinks of all the donuts and coffee and pizza that kind of money would buy*

Talk about a win/win situation.

Also, people are bidding for my beta-reading skillz, which is very pleasing -- yay, for raising money for the cause! You are all awesome, thank you.

It occurs to me that now would be a good time to make another writing meta post, and I even have one half-written thanks to sholio. However, as I'm currently marking assignments for the writing class I'm teaching, it will have to wait.

(Are you impressed with how I just slid that promotional feature in there? That's the kind of precision writing talent I can bring to this party! ;)

My only real concern is that my PayPal account is so new, it squeaks. I'm a little worried I'll fuck up the buying end of things, and will have to make pathetic faces and offer to have someone's love-children and pay them back in cash if they will please, please, please buy my Hos (assuming I win any) for me. You are all on notice, okay? PayPal is easy, right? Everyone says so.

*goes off to check the low-powered bidding war*
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