cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

I broked it

We interrupt your regularly scheduled cupidsbow...

I'm just locking up some old posts that I don't want floating out there now that there's lots of random traffic through my LJ (*waves at random traffic*).

The easiest way to do that, as there's five years worth of posts, is to f-lock everything and then go through and unlock. It'll take me a while, but all the writing meta and fiction will be back as soon as possible.

ETA: My God, I'm a whiny bitch. It's embarrassing. Note to self: don't read old LJ entries. o_O

ETA 2: Okay, I've gone through all the essays and unlocked them, and all the fanfic except Lotrips (which I'll tackle after my nap). I've also scanned back as far as 2006 and unlocked everything fannish and/or open for public discussion (such as polls and recs); I plan to do a quick scan all the way back to 2003.

If I've still got a post locked that you use, please let me know. This lockdown is targetted at stuff to do with teaching, real life, etc. It's not meant to lock up resources that people use.
Tags: admin, misc
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