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Swancon and Fanfiction

Those of you going to Swancon, if you want a decent panel on fanfic, you need to volunteer and get involved. The program is here:

I'm happy to be on the panel, but my schedule is already pretty full, so I'm not up for chairing it.

The current blurb is:

Squee, Bunnies, Betas and Crack: The Online World of Fan Fiction
Fanfic fandom is a distinct, vibrant, part of fandom. Fan fiction, and internet fandom is creating a fannish culture of its own, one that can mystify old school lit fans, with not just different enthusiasms but a different language. Is this new fannish culture an evolution of the old, or something new that is going in its own direction? As an internet based culture, what is its relationship to convention going fandom? Is it a major new cultural force, or just another form of fanac? There are a lot of questions abou the relationship between fanfic fandom and other fandoms. But there is certainly one thing about its that is very different to the old stereotypes of fandom -- the gender balance is firmly female.

There's also not many items on Fantasy or Writing at the moment. The con is only a few weeks away, so don't put off making suggestions if you've got 'em.
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