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The State of the Nation's Toilets

I've had one of those weeks where stuff happens and yet it's not the kind of stuff I can post about. Either because it's a sekrit (omg remix), or because it's boring, or because I know mr_booboo will do it so much more justice than I can.

But I feel like I haven't talked to any of you in ages. *waves* What are you all up to? Other than reading cesperanza's new story?

Other than the stuff I can't talk about, I read this great essay the other day, on the cult of originality and the importance of influence in art: The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism by Jonathan Lethem. It's such a beautifully done piece of writing. But, of course, I'm the choir. :)

In other news, how much do I want to sign up for mcshep_match? Serioulsy, it's not gonna happen, but oh, how I ache to be on the team! I can't decide which team, but I ache to play anyway.

Also, did you guys know we have a National Public Toilet Map? It turns out there are only 50 public toilets in the whole of the Gascoyne, apparently, and 49 in the Kimberley. I could make several jokes in poor taste about this sad state of affairs, but I will womanfully refrain.

And now I return to battling with the remix.
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