cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Remix Guessing Game

Remix game time. I know people are hesitant to play "guess the remixer" so I'm sweetening the pot.

I will write a ficlet for the first person who correctly guesses which remix I wrote. The winner chooses the main character (with the proviso I've seen enough canon, so in effect, it has to be a character I've written before, or pretty much anyone from SGA. Or original).

I know! Me promising a ficlet! But I'm feeling all writerly at the moment (probably due to a raging fever, as I'm definitely coming down with something. *sniffles pathetically*). Quick -- take advantage before I come to my senses!

Hint: I wrote in a fandom I've written in before.

Just so you know, I'm not going to be guessing this time. I've tried to have a go during recent fests (even though I get it all wrong, wrong, so very wrong :), but I'm sick and can't think well enough to play at the moment. I'm expecting all of you to pick up the slack... if a guessing game can be said to have slack. o_O

I think perhaps I need a nap now.

Oh, ETA: I have this post set so that anon comments are screened. If you don't want your guess to be seen, post anon and just sign your handle.
Tags: challenge, fun, presents
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