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Game: The Inbox of the Commander of Atlantis

Okay, so you were all totally freaking awesome with Rodney's Inbox. I snickered for hours over some of those emails, and then one or two of them almost broke my heart. And the way some of them were stories in their own right was brilliant. You are clearly all geniuses. :)

Do you want to play again?

Next up I thought we'd do the Commander of Atlantis, which means either Dr Elizabeth Weir or Col. Samantha Carter. I've decided to combine them, partly because I couldn't pick, and partly because I think Sam has probably inherited some on-flow mail from people who are in correspondence with Elizabeth. So, you can either set your email in the appropriate season for Elizabeth, or decide that Sam has received an email addressed to Elizabeth, or address the email to Sam.

The Inbox of the Commander of Atlantis

Write an email that would end up in the inbox of the Commander of Atlantis and post it in comments. It can be a Pegasus-style crisis, work reports, MALP pictures, agendas for meetings, spam, complaints, wrangling staff (Rodney), tactfully refusing outrageous suggestions (Sheppard), SGC updates, SG1 snark, politics, personal emails from people on earth, idle chitchat or gossip... whatever you think might end up in Elizabeth and/or Sam's inbox on a typical day in Atlantis.

Gen, het, slash all welcome. Please put ratings in the comment's subject line for anything above PG-13.

*fires starter's pistol*
Tags: challenge, fiction, fun, inbox game, sga
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