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Three Things: Online Con, Book Recs, Whinge

  1. OTW is a year old! *sings happy birthday off key* To celebrate, there is an awesome online con happening, full of multi-fandom challenges and general whackiness. So hie yourself over to otw_onlinecon and have some fun. I'm very, very tempted to snag a Lotrips prompt and an SGA prompt on the HodgePodge Challenge. Mmmm. Drabbbles. *pretends I have time to write them* Also, I'm very tempted to write Famous Five fic for the Blast From the Past Challenge. Oh, Timmy. *smooshes Timmy*

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful recs in response to my last post. If I ever get a minute free, I'll compile them, print them out and stick them in my purse. That way, the next time I get a random book-buying impulse (oh, far off and hazy day), I'll have options ready to go. Also it was nice to see so many old favourites recced in amongst the books I have yet to read -- that's the most reassuring kind of rec set. :)

  3. I have two days' worth (ie. about 20 hours) of offical work to do before Monday, and about a zillion days' worth of stuff to do for officially looming deadlines that hit next week. I need a timeturner. Also, I refuse to cancel my weekly Item Of Fun In Which I Interact Face To Face With People. I can't actually remember what this week's item is. *looks at diary* Oh, slashgropers! Yay! Also, also? I can't pull any more allnighters for at least a month, or I will die. Please to be stopping with the deadlines now, life. Okay? *goes off to meeting*
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