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Cool Stuff

A while ago, I noticed that Amalthia was putting together an Ebook Library, full of fanfiction in formats compatible with Kindles and whatnot. I thought, "Yay, that seems awesome."

Things have grown a lot since then. Check it out -- there are now three of my stories listed in the Library. I am multi-platform, yo! :)

You can find my author page here, plus there's a whole heap of cool stuff by other people in various fandoms just waiting to be downloaded.

In other news...

The further adventures of Cathy's Crazycakes Life, part a zillion-and-three. Did I mention it looks like I'm coordinating my unit in three cities now? No? Well, that would probably be because I found out this exciting news via a letter from [insert name of remote Australian city] saying, "Please send us the reading list immediately."

I kind of went, "Wah?" and let my mouth hang open unattractively for a few minutes. Now that I've read the 10 pages of instructions on How To Run a Remote Unit, it looks like it will be a lot of fun, but... not what I was expecting. O_o

*notices time* Ooops. I think I might go to bed now.
Tags: announcement, fiction, life, links
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