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I received an email the other day, telling me I could make money from my LJ. For reals. I stared at it for a long time. Not because I'm at all interested, but because it seems so odd that a random ad-banner business suddenly wants a piece of *waves hands at the slash* all this. I don't think the contact person really knew or cared that this was a fannish blog, just that it has reasonable traffic and eyeballs.

Am I totally out of the loop? Is this common now? Have any of you received that kind of email?

I'm faintly horrified, but in that not-very-surprised way.

Anyway. Life is still happy! I have had some time off to nap, which is one of my favourite things. I've really missed napping; I always get more story ideas when I have time to nap.

I've been mooching around at art sites in between jobs, lately. Have some links:

A while ago everyone was linking to a collection of photo portraits of men, one of which was Joe Flanigan. I seem not to have bookmarked it. Doh. Does anyone have that link?
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