cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

My day, by cupidsbow

Need 5 minute break, or will expire. Hence blogging. My day so far:

  • woke up feeling tired.
  • bleeding a lot, feel dreadful.
  • 2 meetings, productive, but like thinking through fog.
  • decided I needed to do household jobs, as I'm away all weekend and have no clean undies.
  • start washing, start dishes.
  • realise third coffee was a mistake -- now have shakes due to low blood sugar.
  • hot water tap on kitchen sink breaks. Water everywhere.
  • rang people for help. Not helpful.
  • forced to stop and eat salad so wouldn't fall over. Not nicest I've ever made. Feel sick.
  • try to find off-tap for just our hot water, rather than whole building.
  • downstairs neighbour is like a god. Finds right tap.
  • downstairs neighbour confirms god status -- lets me use shower. No longer stink = win.
  • thank yesterday's me for having done lesson plan already. Teaching in an hour.
  • need to hang clothes. Mould = bad.
  • managed to find clean underwear.
  • still need to ring property manager. Can't find number.
  • feel a migraine coming on. Still can't think. Must resist more coffee.
  • enjoy irony: teaching "Critical Thinking" today. Ha ha ha.
  • am about to cry. Stupid hormones.
  • hate all life on the planet. Except downstairs neighbour. He can live when Large Hadron Collider kills all life in universe.

*goes off to teach*
Tags: life, rant
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