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Original Fiction: "The Giant" by Cathy, aged 8ish

Arrrrr, me hearties. Here be buried treasure, carrier-pigeoned to the good ship cupidsbow just this morning by me Mother.

Title: The Giant, by Cathy, aged 8ish
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: Original
Pairing: Cathy/Giant
Rating: Mature, for violence
Summary: My mother kindly provided this summary: "Good eh! Lots of action, and a triumphant heroine!! Some things start early!"

A Giant

During the night I heard a noise. I got up to see wat it was. And it was
an enormous giant. He was big. He was scary. And ugly. He was bad. And
nasty. He picked me up. I got more scaed evry minte. He put me down
agen. I ran in side and said, "Go away, you giant. You fritne me to
death". And slamd the door agen. Now I am safe agen and I went strae to

* * *

Worth it, no? I was clearly a prodigy. :)
Tags: fiction, life, original
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