cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Art? Beta? Pretty Please?

Here's the thing: while I was tidying up the ficlets I wrote for the Summary Execution meme, I kind of ended up expanding one of them. It's still fairly short, but it's definitely a stand-alone story now.

Anyway, I think it's probably Fairly Good, but I have this niggling sense that if I just poke it a bit more -- add a couple more scenes or whatnot -- it might turn into Definitely Good. (It can't get as high as a Ripping Read, I don't think, because of the style in which it's written).

So, is anyone up for a kick-my-ass beta? I'd like to get this story turned around by Wednesday or there-abouts, so there's no immediate rush. ETA: I now have two awesome volunteers, tirelessly slaving over the fic. :) I would still love to hear from an artist, though. /eta

And as I'm going to the trouble to try and make it Definitely Good, is anyone interested in making me a pretty to go with it? This would make me very happy. ETA: And it looks like I have art. *beams*

Of course, if anyone would like to do a separate cover for the combined 12 AU ficlets post? Bring it on, baby! /eta
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