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Slumdog Millionaire and other things

Real Life Reccity Recs
Thanks to a friend, I scored free tickets to the new Danny Boyle film, Slumdog Millionaire. It was showing at early o'clock this morning, so I dragged black_samvara to breakfast and the movie.

My god, it was awesome. It's about a guy who goes on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but it's about so much more than that. I loved it, especially the fabulous plot, written to wring every bit of tension and drama out of the premise. It's also beautifully put together, so that by the end you feel like you've been mired in the streets of India, with all their beauty and all their squalor. A stunning piece of work. You should all go and see it if you get the chance. I highly recommend it.

Another thing I highly recommend is hearing the 1812 overture live if you ever get the chance. It is way more awesome than you can possibly imagine, which is saying something (especially for such an over-played piece of music).

The Thinky
I haven't had a lot of time for LJ lately, but I did read the Neil Gaiman defence of free speech, which I'm sure all of you have already read. I don't feel a need to talk about that, as I think my views are fairly well established, but what caught my attention was the link to the article on Rape, Porn and Criminality by Anthony D'Amato. Has there been any other research into this? Because it's counter to what a lot of people argue, and I'd be really interested in seeing some other interpretations.

The article is about the effect of porn on viewers, but it can't be read as a one-off piece, as it's part of a bigger, longer conversation. The conversation typically starts with the classic questions: do things like violent video games and pornography have any long-term social impact on people, and if so what? Mostly people argue either than the effects are Very Bad, or that they have no effect at all. But D'Amato's article was interesting because it argues that porn does have an effect, but it's a socially useful one, in that it possibly reduces some of the triggers that lead to rape. In-ter-esting. But is it in any way valid? Does any one know anything about this?

The Sad
The only other news worth mentioning is that I spent most of last week getting the prep finished for summer school. All done. Yay. And now I'm supposedly writing my Christmas fics and catching up on all the fannish work I need to do. Except... SGA is making me so sad at the fail and anti-squee that's going around, and I'm finding it hard to want to write John and Rodney. Noooooo! They are my happy fannish place. I don't want to say goodbye yet. *sniffles*

*is tempted to flee into the waiting arms of Merlin... if the canon wasn't such a twink*
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