cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

The State of the Awesome

Have some links:
  • Scenes from Antarctica. So pretty. It makes me want to go and see it for myself.

  • Introduction to Sine-Wave Speech by Matt Davis. To get the most out of this short article, you have to listen to the sound files. It's a bit freaky, but in a really interesting way. I've noticed this phenomenon in real life, usually when there's a lot of ambient noise, and you can't understand, can't understand, and then your brain clicks and you can hear what someone is saying.

In fannish news, velocitygrass is holding a Post-SGA McShep fest. I like this idea, as I think it's a great way for us all to get our happy back. Plus, you can sign up for anything, from a drabble to a songvid, to an essay. This pleases me!

Also, are you all reading rageprufrock's Merlin WiP, Redefining Protocol? If not you should rush off and do that right now. I can't even begin to explain how gleeful it makes me.
Tags: fandom, links, merlin, recs, sga
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