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Happiness Meme

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

I've been tagged by transcendancing, and the idea of happy posts pleases me, but I don't do on-tagging, so I flout that particular meme rule. *sticks out tongue at rule*

Breaking the meme rules always makes me happy. :)

Something that made me happy today is Merlin. I was very, very tentative about actually watching the show. I rarely get through the whole pilot, even of shows everyone raves about. And to actually fall in love with a series... well. Let's just say that it's rare.

But Merlin was a pleasant surprise. It is unexpectedly delightful, with decent scripts, passable acting, and a sense of humour. I am charmed. I am already three episodes in, and I have it on good authority it only gets really great at episode five, so I am beginning to have High Hopes.

It is such a delight to whole-heartedly fall into a fandom. And it's even possible that I might be toying with a fic idea. WE SHALL SEE.

Other things which make me happy today:

What has made you happy today?
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