cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Happiness: Day 2

Things that made me happy... well, yesterday actually. How did it get so late?

Anyway, on with the joy.

  • To start with, I was told a local ghost story about an apparition with a mullet. Ha. There's something perfectly, perfectly naff about that.

  • sarren posted the Alan/Denny finale of Boston Legal over here and it is rather delightful.

  • eruthros has made a Stargate: Atlantis version of Clue! You can find the download post here. I'm so charmed by this. I shall have to figure out a way to print it off and laminate it and stuff. We can play it at the next slashcon! \o/

  • And finally, the LOLcats have been giving us particularly tasty cheezburgers this week. The bluebird of happiness! The napsack! The gnome ravaged flamingoes! *happysigh*

Please tell me something happy about you. Why don't you make up something outrageous. That would please me very much.
Tags: fun, links
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