cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Happiness: Day 6

Happiness was a gimme today! How could I not be happy when you all posted such lovely comments in response to my news yesterday. Thank you all so much; it really made my day.

The other thing that has made me supremely happy today is songvids. I started off by looking at all my Merlin vids, trying to decide which ones to rec for crack_van. And then, as I had the window open anyway, I clicked on a few of my favourites, like the Mac Ad Happy Together, and the Jet Li Retrospective, and the Bionic superwomen, and Zombie Jamboree, and Vogue, and Rock Steady, and Piece of Me... yeah, good times. I'm feeling very mellow now, and have something of a burn to make another vid. I really need better software before I try again though. But maybe I'll might have some time over summer to experiment.

And now I think I will finish the day by reading a couple of fics, and then fall into bed to dream of my current WiPs.

Happy dreams, everyone.
Tags: fun
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