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Songvid: 'Mission: MLA' by cupidsbow

It's marking time. Marking. Oh, how I will not miss marking once I start my new job. My students are seriously awesome, as they always are over summer, but I'm really over spending my weekends doing homework. Call me a lazy, under-achiever, you know, I don't even care! Just bring on the empty stretches of weekend time.

Anyway. As I had to teach referencing this week, and the textbook kind of bored me rigid (I've taught it so many times), I decided to do something fun (for a value of fun that equals total geek). And what's the first thing that sprung to mind? Yep, a songvid! Songvids make anything better, even referencing workshops, as it turns out. I whipped this little number up in between marking assignments -- it kept me sane, I tell you.

So, for all three of you geeky enough to think a songvid about referencing is interesting, here it is. All the referencing-related songvidding goodness you ever wanted. Hahaha.

Title: Mission: MLA
Author: cupidsbow
Rating: G
Summary: MLA Referencing is not Mission: Impossible.
Download: MissionMLA-cupidsbow.wmv on Filefront, 5.38 MB


ETA: I haven't read my flist in about three weeks, so if I've missed something, please let me know. I'm not ignoring you on purpose. Just... marking.
Tags: acafandom, songvid
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