cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Things that make my soul curl up and die

*shakes fist of impotent rage*

Why? Why do you insist on writing Jack and Ianto as hating each other, and their sex as abusive? Why is Jack so often a callous using bastard who'd rather fuck Ianto's suit than Ianto himself... except when he's a woobie who's barely sane after a year of non-stop torture, who cries at the drop of a manilla folder? Why is Ianto always angry at Jack for being... Jack? Except when Ianto is super!Ianto with sekret psychic powers and immortality? And also a Time Lord?

Why do I never learn? It's not that any of those things are inherently icky... but they just so often end up that way. Possibly because I somehow seem to find myself wandering into the uncharted byways of the Pit of Voles on a surprisingly regular basis in this fandom. I never mean to, but I follow a link to a rec, and it's pretty good, so I follow another link, and before I know it, Ianto's been 'turned' into a cannibal and starts eating Jack, and not in a fun way. O_o

In happier news, I think I might actually be almost ready to start doing 'homework' again. I feel quite odd not having any projects, but I still don't quite have the mental energy to do the things I normally enjoy. I'm starting to really miss writing though. Real, solid, plotty epics. With timetravel. And zombies. And killer robots. So I have hope that maybe my brain will come online again sometime soon. *feebly lifts a single battered pom pom*

It would be nice just to have the energy to post here more often. I miss you all terribly.
Tags: rant, torchwood
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