cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Calling all Whovian artists

Dudes! The tardis_bigbang is in dire need of artists of all stripes, whether you prefer New Who, Classic Who, Sarah-Jane Adventures, Torchwood or crossovers.

The deadline for art sign-ups has been extended to May 3rd. Plenty of time to psych yourself into it! You can find the sign-up page here.

I can hear you asking, does this mean I'm writing for tardis_bigbang? Errrr. It's a theory. But given my fannish track record lately, probably one doomed to epic fail. One day I shall write and beta and meta and vid again! *shakes fist*

In other news, I am now cupidsbow on DreamWidth. Thank you toomuchplor. You rock. I haven't had a chance to think up an Actual Plan about the move, but I suspect I'll crosspost here for a goodly long while, probably using an automated crossposting widget. I'll warn you well in advance if/when I decide to up sticks and leave LJ for good.
Tags: announcement, links, torchwood
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