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Extraordinary Things

Rec rec reccing
Do you know what I find extraordinary? I really don't sign up for [info] - personalcrack_van all that often -- just enough to feel I'm doing my bit, fannishly speaking. And yet it is astounding how often I end up driving the van in two fandoms at the same time. O_o

Speaking of which, if anyone has useful Star Trek: Reboot links (suitable for the fandom overview), I'd be endlessly grateful if you'd leave them in comments. I think I've got all the biggies, but the fandom is growing so fast!

I have spent most of the evening vidding. I have been working on this bloody vid for about five months now. It's just as well I picked a song I like, but my god, I will be so sick of it once I've finished. I'm about a minute into a two-and-a-half minute song (with about another half a minute of first draft scrappy stuff -- I'm totally calling that half-way! Yay!) and I swear I've listened to the song about 400 times. It's all starting to blur together, and I can't even remember why I thought this concept was funny. It's so bloodthirsty! But I'm just trusting that it *is* funny and plowing on.

How do real vidders do it?

One thing's for sure, I'm never ever vidding with MovieMaker again. Gah. I spent an hour getting a dalek's lights to flash in rhythm tonight... omg, never again.

And speaking of rhythm... Jack's coat? Totally has natural rhythm. Just sayin'. :)

What's Hot
I'm feeling rather tired now, so I think I might read a little and then go to bed. I'm mostly following Torchwood and Reboot at the moment -- both of which I'm loving for different reasons. Torchwood canon is surprising me with it's lack of ewww -- how good are the audio books! I've been impressed. The novels are surprisingly decent too. Reboot, on the other hand, is all about the fannish zeitgeist: I'd forgotten how much I adore Kirk/Spock, but it's also pretty awesome that the first slash fandom has come around again. Pon farr just never gets old, does it. :)

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