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Failing at Authorial Intent

Storyfinder communities are such good value! There was a request recently for a post-Countrycide fic in which Ianto has "bruised ripes." LOL. I want to read a story in which Ianto has bruised ripes right the hell now. In my secret badfic heart, I imagine it's because Jack has been squeezing him too hard to see if he's ready yet. *snicker*

I find this particularly amusing right now, not just because it is silly and I'm in a silly mood, but because I have recently made the equivalent faux pas in a songvid, without even knowing it. When it comes to vidding, I'm such a grammatically challenged n00b.

So, I made this songvid during CoE which is all about Jack knocking up Gwen and Ianto killing both Jack and Gwen in a jealous rage. It tells that story pretty well. There's only one problem with it... that's totally not the story I was trying to vid!

Fortunately, ariadne83 pointed out what I'd done, and as soon as she did, I went *facepalm* and agreed that cheating-Jack-with-murderous-Ianto was exactly the story the vid told. The truth can't be denied -- zer reading was way better than my authorial intent.

When I was making that vid, I was actually vaguely aware that the connotations weren't quite right for the story I was trying to tell, but I just couldn't see how to fix it, especially not in what was meant to be a flashvid response to episode one. So I let it go, assuming that enough of my intention would come through that it wouldn't matter. Hahahaha. Yeah, not so much.

What interests me about this is that I remember having similar problems when I first started writing fiction. I'd have this incredibly strong image in my head, and something completely different would end up on the page. After a lot of practice I licked that problem; I still make the mistake sometimes, but I can usually fix it in re-writes because I have the right tools in my toolkit now. It's a matter of pride that I fix it too.

You know what, though? I'm actually okay with being an amateur n00b at vidding. I had so much fun making that vid, and it doesn't hurt my pride that it's all screwed up. I like that freedom to be bad at something. If I felt that I had to be good every type of art, I'd never have a go at anything new. How awful and constricting would that be?

So I'm just going to laugh at my accidental Gwen-bashing vid. She's awesome, so I'm sure she can take it. I'll just have to try and make a kick-ass Gwen vid sometime to make up for it, although god knows what that might end up like... maybe a techno-Tosh vid, or a Rhys vid. :)

How do you feel about making art that goes tragically wrong? Does it put you off trying again? Spur you on to new heights? Inspire you to change genres?

PS -- I have been having thinky thoughts about Jack's timeline and the year 2008ish. OMG. It makes my brain hurt, but in the best way. I love time paradoxes more than any other type of fiction. Why has no one written about this particular paradox before? Jack canonically lives through 2008ish about 8 different times, depending on how you count it! (I keep changing my mind about how many times it is.) Surely my fic "Rebound" can't be the only one that goes there? Perhaps I should try to do it from Jack's POV as well, with every single iteration implied by canon... *trails off into time paradox gleeeeeeee*
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