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Jack-off Fest!

For a while now, I've been making puppydog eyes at people and saying, "Why is there not more fic with Jack seducing improbable people?"

Because I want it like burning, and fantastic though that story about Jack and Chewie is, it's just one story and doesn't exactly slake the thirst, you know?

So, one day I made this complaint to amand_r, and it turns out this was a very strategic thing to do, because she said, "Snap!" and then went off and made...



We are going to have a fest! Real soon now, you will be able to leave prompts, giving your wish-list of exactly which improbable beings Jack should shag. Then you will be able to sign up and write fic, fulfilling one or more of these prompts.

This is a win/win scenario, yes?

I need help with a few things, though.

  • First, we have been given a banner by the lovely Laurab1, but I've never installed a banner before. Where can I find the easy, "How to install a banner" guide?

  • Second, we need a spiffy modding icon for the comm! Make me and amand_r prettttty things, pls.

  • Finally, spread the word! Spread it far, spread it wide. This is a cross-fandom fest! It is only through your diligent work on this matter that we can ensure Jack is thoroughly shagged.

See? It's a good cause. Doooo eeeet. :)
Tags: announcement, challenge, torchwood
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