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Let's put on a show!

London ended up being show week. In addition to La Cage au Folles, we went to Chicago and The Mousetrap.

Chicago was slick and entertaining, as we expected given the tunes, but it was easily the most soulless of the three shows. The theatre was large and the performances practiced but kind of going-through-the-motions. Still worth a look, but it does make me wonder if the price of so much variety in live entertainment is that it can get stale. Or maybe it's just what happens to a show when the chief audience is tourists rather than locals.

The Mousetrap, on the other hand, was utterly charming. The performances were sharp, and the actors brought each character alive in the way Chicago did not. No wonder it's run for 57 years! I'd recommend the play to anyone visiting London.

We had such an odd moment during The Mousetrap. The people sitting in the seats next to us were also tourists, from America. And we got to talking about places we'd been and comparing the shows and sites we'd seen. To my immense surprise, the very first thing the woman asked, after we'd covered the good shows playing, was, "Did you go to Canary Wharf?"

Hope and I rather boggled at this. We had spent many happy hours speculating about how Ianto and Lisa had escaped the Battle, and our solutions ranged from the James Bondian to the ever more ridiculous. So we both rather gave the woman the hairy eyeball! What? we were both thinking, almost in unison, Does everyone go on a Whoniverse adventure while in London??? I half expected her to say: "Ianto was a helicopter pilot, you know. He flew her out via the helipad on the roof!" or "The pyramid on the top is a spaceship! That's how they got away! through the emergency beam-out technology."

My response was a tentative, "Yes." To which the woman said, "Did you eat at Jamie Oliver's? Was it as good as everyone says?"

Jamie Oliver! Hahaha. Mystery solved.

Needless to say, Hope and I LOLed oer this later: the utter bizarreness of normal touristyness coinciding with our fannishness like that. In case you are wondering, no, we didn't eat at Jamie Oliver's. We hadn't even realised it was there!

All that said, the most charming of the three shows we saw was actually La Cage, to my endless surprise. It was intimate, fresh and had a heart that I wasn't expecting. If you get a chance, it's the pick of the bunch.

The only other Whoniverse adventure we've had since I last posted was Thames House. I have photos of it too. You know what surprises me most about the locations we've seen so far? How little use they make of the actual surrounds, like the river (which is awesome). No doubt it's because it's too hard to shoot on the Thames, but it's right across the street from Thames House, and it would have been so awesome for the T3 team to use the canonical underground Torchwood tunnels or boats to get there. So many missed opportunities! Oh, well. I'll fix it in fic. :)

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