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Who wants Google Wave?

Okay, guys, I have 8 invitations to Google Wave. This is your big moment to let me know if you want in!

You need to leave a comment with your email address. Pick the address carefully, as that will define your Wave username (real-name email address will equal real-name Wave account; fannish pseud will give you a fannish Wave account).

Comments are screened.

Because I want to try out the functionality of Wave, I'm actually going to pick and choose who gets an invite. I kind of hate to do that, but at the moment I might as well not have Wave as there's barely anyone to play with. I really need a network of fellow fannish Wavers in order to test it out, which is the whole point of being a Beta Tester, after all.

So here's how it's going to work: first, I'm going to invite people I'm likely to collaborate with on a story, or project, or beta or something of that nature. So if you and I have ever done storytime, betad each other's work, talked vids, or worked on some other fannish project together, like OTW, you have a good chance of getting an invite.

Then, if I still have some invites left after that, or once I get the next batch of invites, I will go through and give them out on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone else who puts their hand up.

That's the plan. So leave a comment if you want to go on the list.

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