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12 Days of Cliche Fest

So, a few weeks ago, Hope said to me, "Hey, Cath, why don't we have a fest? Just you and me! We can write a dozen Torchwood fics and post after Christmas!"

I pretty much did this: O_o

Then Hope said some more stuff, mostly about it being a "celebration of cliches" which she knows perfectly well is like catnip to me. Cliches! Grrrowr.

As a delaying tactic while I frantically thought about whether I wanted to write lots of cliche fics (duh, yes), and had time to do so (hahaha, no), I said, "Can I make vids?" and Hope, sensing my weakness, said, "Yep, of course."

Vids! About cliches!

"Oh my god, yes please," I said.

I am such a sucker. :)

And verily it has been so. I have made many, many vids in the last few days weeks, plus written some fic. This has been very pleasing and joy-making, but also rather terrifying, mostly because I've started to get ambitious with the vidding.

It's been a pleasure to revisit some of my favourite cliches too, but I won't meta bout that now, as Hope has already said everything more elegantly than I could in her announcement post.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that Hope and I have most of a fest kind of done. Except for the bits that aren't. *panics*

This is the plan: over the next twelve days, we're going to post twelve fanworks. It won't be every day, because some of the works go together, but there will indeed be twelve of 'em, and they are of many different types. We'll be posting here, and over at [personal profile] hope's journal. I'll link her posts when it's her days.

We've had a lot of fun putting our Cliche Fest together, and I hope you all have a lot of fun coming along for the ride.

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