cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

OMG Grumpy

I'm migrainy and so damn grumpy right now. Everything is annoying me.

F'rinstance. The phrase "Time Tot" being used in a story without irony. Also, the use of the word "bullocks" instead of "bollocks."

Thank goodness for [community profile] danglypartsiple. I'm so glad I joined when it started up, and immediately posted my own faux pas. I now feel entirely without guilt when I point out other people's.

Cheer me up, people. Share your favourite malapropisms and other funnies. Pretty please. <--- OMG, that used up all my reserves of people skills today.

Um, I will likely not respond, as I'm far too cranky, but I will appreciate it like whoa!

ETA: Thanks to tesserae_ for linking to the awesome essay, The Zombie Finger of Rob Lowe by laura j. valentine.

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