cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

eh, wot?

How much do I love Picture is Unrelated? Hahaha.

Also, I seem to have missed out on my Date With The Girls because I was wearing my headset and festividding when they called for me. :(

Also, also... I've agreed to watch The End of Time today, and I'm not sure whether that fills me with dread or glee. Doctor Who = mostly gleeeee. But RTD = Dread Beyond All Telling.

If I'm traumatised, I shall be peeved.

However, my grumpiness of last night is explained -- I poisoned myself with gluten, and then someone smoked downstairs and it came in my window. Double poison for half the price! No wonder I felt crap. Still do, actually, even though I have now closed the window and resolved not to eat that brand of green curry paste again.

Although... what will I do with all the leftover green curry chicken noodle soup?

These are the eternal questions. *nods portentiously* :)

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