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Multi-fandom Recs: Transformations

I faffed around today, dozing and indecisive about what I wanted to post, but then a surge of transformative glee swept over me, and so here we are! In celebration of my bookmarks on delicious hitting 3333, I'm offering up a rec set of fanworks on the theme of Transformations (including Genderfuck). Enjoy!

Rec Set 1: Fairy Tales

MERLIN No Pairing, 'Ooooops' by xenakis_ (fan art) (PG-13)
One of the most brilliant crossovers it's ever been my pleasure to see, but to say more would be to spoil it.

MERLIN Merlin/Arthur, 'A Step to the Left' by greensilver (R)
This is a brilliant re-telling with Merlin in what amounts to an amalgam of Gwen's role and the Merlin of canon. Greensilver deftly re-writes each canon episode entwining it with the court intrigue that follows from a female Merlin. This is just brilliant! It's still technically a WIP, but that doesn't matter and the chapters mostly stand alone.

HARRY POTTER No Pairing, 'Changeling' by lydiabennet (PG-13)
What a fantastically creepy story about Fred Weasley!

TWIN PEAKS Various Pairings, 'Passenger Fever' by hollywoodgrrl (songvid) (R)
A dark, dreamy snapshot of the way the people inhabiting Twin Peaks aren't what they seem.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS McKay/Sheppard, 'Inflated Frogs' by quasar273 (R)
Quasar always does interesting things in her stories, and this one is a good example: there's action and suspense and a really great twist, and a wonderful take on a Rodney that's not quite what he seems.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS No Pairing, 'John, drag' by pentapus (fan art) (G)
John in a red dress, with the most resigned look on his face. The leg hair sold it for me. <3

IRON MAN Steve/Tony, 'Momentary Paws (or, DO NOT WANT)' by velithya (PG-13)
This starts off a bit too cutesy for my taste, but as it goes along it has several moments of pure comedy gold. Bwahahaha. It won me over.

TORCHWOOD No Pairing, 'Missing' by entangled_now (PG-13)
Jack is missing, and then the team find the note. I LOLed. :)

TORCHWOOD Jack/Ianto, 'What Lies Within' by xtricks (NC-17)
This is a tense action/suspense drama. The highlight, though, is Jack living up to his boast about fucking anything. I really mean it; but wow does it work. This is long, and unusual and definitely worth a try if you want something a bit outside the box.

MULTI-FANDOM No Pairing, 'Half the Man' by Isagel (songvid) (R)
I would never in a million years have thought I'd love a songvid about amputees. But OMG, Isagel brings it, and I totally do.

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