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Okay, I've just got home from work half an hour ago, scoffed some dinner, and collapsed with a cuppa tea.

I'm totally knackered.

But I'm eleven days into my 14 day fest! I cannot give up now.

So what fanwork am I going to magically create before midnight, with barely two working braincells to rub together?

All the ideas left on my brainstorming list are either a) fictional epics (OMG, NOOOOO!); b) meta which requires some cogency of thought (see: lack of braincell issue); c) rec sets (too much work); a character study of Lisa, Martha, Myfanwy or Jack (see: lack of braincell issue).

I'm at a loss.

Suggestions? Would you enjoy asking me about personal canon? Should I do a haiku-a-thon or Summary Executions? Wow, I haven't done one of those in a while.

Anyone? Bueller?

ETA: Solved! Thanks to [personal profile] icarus.

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