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breaking radio silence

Hello my lovelies,

It's been an age, hasn't it? Work has been crazycakes, but it's nearly the end of semester, so I'll get a breather soon.

I am feeling very accomplished today, as I've finally found time to download and install Sony Vegas. \o/

I think I shall attempt to vid a tiny mini-vid before bedtime to test it out. It will no doubt be attrocious, but I'm looking forward to being a noob again if it means I get multi-track editing!

In other news, I have almost broken up with Torchwood. I'm still reading a few fics, and occasionally poke my WIPs, and I still want to make a couple of vids... but the post-CoE rut has kind of killed my interest. :(

It's odd having no writing fandom burning inside me.

I'm currently reading Supernatural to fill in the gap (hahahahaha, the irony. It makes me feel a bit like I'm poking a stick in RTD's eye), and my downstairs enabler has ensured that I have now seen all of S4. Hmmm. It's... better than I was expecting. That said, I cannot bond with so much manpain and all the misogyny. Also, Castiel is one of my favourites, the sneaky little asshole that he is, and he's clearly a break-out character, so he's probably going to get repeatedly killed off and possibly even permanently (well, he already has been in S4, but I know he's in S5, so I'm assuming it hasn't stuck yet). I have learned my lesson about fannishly investing in such creatures, yo.

Anyway, I have no real urge to write fic (famous last words), although there are two stories I really want to read that haven't been written yet (Claire Novak, yes, yes, I'm looking at you). I do kind of want to vid it, though -- it's pretty! Dean's single, crystalline tears. Sam's scrunchy faces and flared nostrils. Castiel's ten-yard stare. Anna's flowsy fake-red hair. Alastair's eyes-of-evil. And Enochian sigils are kind of cool.

So. That's my news. How are all of you going?

PS--I can already tell that the icons in SPN are going to be the best. I have made about a squillion just for kicks. :)

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