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Any Melbournians up for coffee?

I'm going to be in Melbourne this coming weekend. Anyone fancy meeting up for coffee?

My email is cupidsbower [at] gmail [dot] com. Drop me a line and we'll plot to take over the world BWAHAHAHAHA find a time and place that suits.

In other news, I have been writing Supernatural fic. Yes, yes, I'm amused at my own fickleness.

Apart from the intrinsic hilarity of me writing Supernatural fic, I'm finding the experience quite bizarre for two reasons. First, I seem to have been writing for a very long time, and have a very tiny number of words to show for it, even though I have more than one story on the go.

Second, and more weirdly, they are all gen words. Dudes, I think I've fallen down the rabbit hole and become a gen writer! Every story is gen. Not a skerrick of hot man on angel action anywhere. O_O


PS: Still haven't replaced my phone, which is wildly inconvenient as I'm about to travel. Also I can't use internet banking without one (stupid banks). I really need a new one. And yet... my dislike of phones is so great, I'm still am not inconvenienced enough to actually go and impulse buy one tomorrow. *sigh*

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