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2. Starbuck/Apollo

I luuuurved every cheesy minute of Battlestar Galactica as a kid. Erm... in fact that probably has something to do with why I'm now a Doctor of Space Opera. *coff*

Moving on. Let's just refresh our memories of Starbuck and Apollo, shall we.

Aren't they adorable? Which brings us to poll time...

But first, I have to say I was kind of shocked that you all loved Bodie more in yesterday's poll! How can you not love Doyle? *squishes Doyle*

Anyhow, let's see what happens with Starbuck and Apollo this time. Frankly, I'm with you, [personal profile] layne67!

Once I discovered slash, of course I went and looked for Starbuck/Apollo fic, and what an eye-opening treasure trove I found!

Here are the links to all my recs on crack_van from a few years back. I've checked all the links, and only included those which are still working.

By Your Command Archive
A long-lived archive which includes work by most of the major authors in the fandom.

Most of these stories are epics, so make sure you have several hours up your sleeve before you start.

Anna Orr


Other Awesome Reads

So, what are your favourites? Share the love and links in comments.

You are also welcome to leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome post for this week (I'll do a round up post at the end of each week):


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