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13. Trip/T'Pol

Sometimes a single fanwork will sell a pairing to you so hard and so well that you'll ship it forever more.

That must have happened to you, right?

Well, for me, it happened with Trip/T'Pol. A loooong, plotty melodrama was recced on crack_van, and I gulped it down almost in a single sitting (which was quite a feat, let me tell you). I have a weakness for melodrama when it's done well, and this author rocks the angst and yearning in the best way.

The series is called A Logical Proposal by ShouldKnowBetter (NC-17, Warning: non-con, but not with Trip/T'Pol)

I enjoyed all the stories that make up the series, but then I hit the final part, The Rainbow's Foot, and my brain exploded with delight. It was, quite literally, the perfect idfic for me at that moment. I still re-read it from time to time, and it still works. *happy sigh*

And so my love for this ship was born, even though I've only seen a handful of the shippy canon episodes. (Also: is it just my limited canon knowledge, or are they both kind of annoying on the show? Not that that's a deal breaker for me. After all, I ship Spike/Buffy and Picard/Q and McKay/Sheppard.)

What about you? What do you love most about Trip and T'Pol?

As I've already recced the big fic o' delight above, have a songvid:

There must be more spectacular melodrama starring Trip/T'Pol out there, right? Link me, my lovelies.

You are also welcome to leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome post for this week (I'll do a round-up post at the end of each week):


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