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So, you know how I was whingeing about iTunes the other day? Turns out that the stupid update I accidentally said yes to didn't just wipe everything, it fried the sim card.

I just... *hands*

Yeah, never using iTunes with an iphone/ipod again. Lesson learnt.

In other news Pride was huge fun this year. I should make the effort to go every year. Of course, that would require me to have some talent other than being able to walk in a straight line in addition to being willing to wear a silly frock. Problem. Possibly an insurmountable one. Ironic, no? :)

Oh, hey, special_trille, you were totes right about Dexter. I've just finished season one, and want moooooooore. It's surprising good with complex characters, often passes the Bechdel test, and isn't horrifyingly race-faily either. If only they could do that more often with shows not about serial killers -- not that they don't do a good job with that conceit, but I'd really like a strong SF show with regular Bechdel-passing plots and a racially-diverse cast.

So what's new and hot out there in your world? New vids, music, films or tv shows I should look out for?

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