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My favourite Festivids for 2010-11

Festivids this year has been amazing. So many good songvids, and so many new fandoms to check out!

Here are all of my personal favourites. There are a lot more really great vids linked over on the Masterlist, including some for small fandoms that I couldn't really appreciate as I hadn't seen the source. Well worth checking out if you are a fan of rare fandoms.

If you want more information about any of these recs, you can find them with tags (genre, rating, warnings, etc) on rec_room.

Blue Ribbon
These are the vids I loved best. They are technically gorgeous, have a wonderful concept, build the drama, and are hugely re-watchable.

MISC (Life After People) No Pairing, 'End of the World' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Competely awesome! Who knew the end of the world could be so much fun? But in the hands of this awesome vidder, it totally is. A must see vid.

MISC (SyFy's Alice) No Pairing, 'Her Name Is Alice' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
What an awesome songvid. This is visually stunning, and has great dramatic build too.

Highly Recommended
These vids are also totally awesome, but require a bit of canon knowledge to get the most out of them.

MISC (The Big Lebowski) No Pairing, 'State of Confusion' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
This is freaking fantastic. Surreal, sharply cut, and with the perfect song.

COMMUNITY Troy/Abed, 'Space Oddity' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
A Troy and Abed thing! To Space oddity! Inspired.

EUREKA Henry/Kim, 'The Phoenix' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
The perfect Henry and Kim vid that I've always yearned for. *happysigh*

MISC (Jurassic Park trilogy) No Pairing, 'They Want More' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Jurassic Park.... from the dinosaurs' perspective! Made of win.

MISC (V - 2009) No Pairing, 'Truth Is In The Dirt' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
A fabulous and chilling character study.

MISC (CHiPs) Various Pairings, 'Life is a Highway' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Cheesy and adorable, chock full of kids, dogs, pratfalls and motobikes. \o/

And these are my Personal Favourites

MISC (Back to the Future trilogy) Various Pairings, 'Tik-Tok' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Action-packed and totally awesome vid about Marty's exceedingly improbable adventures.

MISC (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) Various Pairings, 'Ain’t No Easy Way' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Perfect song choice, gorgeously cut action, and great fun.

MISC (Clue) No Pairing, 'Another One Bites the Dust' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Ahahahahaha! *wipes away tears of mirth*

MISC (Dark Crystal) Jen/Kira, '24' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
This captures the action and beauty of the film perfectly.

MISC (Constantine) No Pairing, 'In a Moment' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
This is a surreal and haunting snapshot, with a really unusual but perfect song choice.

MISC (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) Various Pairings, 'Neverland' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
This is a gorgeous character study, with the editing perfectly timed.

WHO No Pairing, 'One Day Like This' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Dreamy character study of Eight.

WHO No Pairing, 'New Shoes' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Short, but perfect character study of the Doctor -- the clothes maketh the man.

MISC (Finding Nemo) No Pairing, 'Float On' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Happy, feel-good vid.

MISC (Children of Men) Various Pairings, 'We Won't Run' by anon (songvid) (R) Warning: violence.
This is a dreamy gut-punch of a vid, much like the movie. Such a gorgeous song choice.

MISC (The Frighteners) Various Pairings, 'Paranormal Activity' by anon (songvid) (R) Warning: violence.
Brilliantly edited -- sharp cuts, creepy amounts of tension.

MISC (La Belle et La Bête) Beauty/Beast, 'Temptation' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
A dreamy and witty interpretation of this gorgeous surreal classic.

MISC (Last of the Mohicans) Cora/Nathaniel, 'In Fire' by anon (songvid) (PG-13) Warning: violence.
Gorgeous summary of Cora and Nathaniel's story.

MISC (The Sarah Jane Adventures) Sarah/Doctor, 'I Will Survive' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Sarah Jane, kicking ass and taking names!

TREK Borg Queen/Data, 'Resistance' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Awesome! A character study of the Borg, Picard and Data to 'Sound of Silence' which is surprisingly creepy and effective.

MISC (Lost in Austen) Caroline/Amanda , 'The Owl Moans Low' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Fantastically sly femslash.

MISC (Primeval) No Pairing, 'Don’t Stop Movin’ by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Action and dinosaurs!

MISC (Zombieland) No Pairing, 'Columbus and Tallahassee' by anon (songvid) (PG-13) Warning: violence.
How to (not) survive the zombie apocalypse. :)

MISC (From Hell) No Pairing, 'The Great Architect' by anon (songvid) (R) Warning: violence.
Creepy and incredibly stylish character study of a serial killer.

HHGTTG No Pairing, 'Friends' by anon (songvid) (PG-13)
Hahaha. Utterly charming friendship vid, chock full of pratfalls and humour.

MISC (The Losers) No Pairing, 'Pump It!' by anon (songvid) (R)
Fantasticially enjoyable eye-candy, with a gorgeous look, kick-ass action, and tongue firmly in cheek.

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