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Fandom Food?

In the wake of my awesome cupcakes I have been thinking about food porn. So peeps, tell me, have you ever tried some kind of food/drink/confectionary because it was discussed or consumed in one of the shows you follow? Do you think product placement actually works?

Racking my brain, this is my list:

  • I'm pretty sure I tried Pepsi once after watching Back to the Future (successful product placement, I guess, but I didn't like it, so didn't drink it again. I'm not really a pop-drink fan). Verdict: Yuck. Tasted tinny and fake and overly fizzy.

  • I'm pretty sure I tried okra and gumbo after watching The Big Easy. Verdict: Yum.

  • I tried spaghetti a olio after watching Kindergarten Cop. Verdict: Meh. Too oily for me.

  • I didn't eat anything at all after watching Delicatessen. Verdict: O_o

  • I tried cream cheese after reading The Famous Five. Verdict: Meh. I think the cheese must be different in England. There's no way you can eat Aussie cream cheese the way those kids did, without suffering for it.

  • I'm pretty sure I tried beef jerky after reading about it in a Western. Verdict: Yuck. Too salty, and nasty tasting.

  • I have tried James Bond's martini. Verdict: Meh. Prefer gin and tonic.

Erm. *thinks* That's pretty much it, as far as I can remember.

What about you?

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